Book Review – Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow, David Romanov

This is so much more than a beautiful love story! It’s a story about being brave and true to yourself. I simply adored it. I laughed, cried, and yelled at the characters. They will no doubt stick with me for quite some time 😊


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Here’s the breakdown: 24 year old Maxim travels from Russia to the US seeking a new start. Unfortunate circumstances land him in LA stranded without a place to stay. A kind stranger offers him help via her older brother. That chance encounter leads to a adventure he wasn’t expecting.

What I loved: The characters! Maxim is so cute! Not just physically, but overall. I loved his POV! Experiencing a foreign land and situation from his perspective was very insightful and entertaining. Thank the writing gods each Russian phrase or word was immediately translated! It drives me nuts when that’s not the case. So kudos to the writers for creating a character who true to himself, but also speaks to the reader. I also, enjoyed Derek character. His struggle or “demons” allow the reader to connect and while simultaneously wanting to smack him 😂

The tension – Conflict, tension, indecision…none of those are typically my thing, but it’s handled so well in this book. I knew from the blurb to expect it, but I never imagined enjoying it that much! Derek’s struggle is real and relevant. It made me appreciate his character more.

“…Because I wanted to know what it be like to be yours. To belong to you.”
It took him a moment to respond. “And what was it like?”
I closed my eyes, sinking fast. “Heaven. It was like heaven.”

The love story – it’s beautiful, real, and raw. That’s the biggest takeaway here. Love is love and you take it where you find. You can’t deny when it’s right.

I enjoyed Strong Enough immensely. I recommend it to fans of MM, dual POV, and beautiful love stories.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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