Book Review – Split by J.B. Salsbury

4 stars

Multiple thumps up!!!

After reading the blurb I HAD to read Split by J.B. Salsbury.

The entire premise of falling in love with someone that has a split personality disorder sounded extremly fascinating and totally intriguing. Just the thought alone was mind boggling.

Surprisingly, the author did an amazing job creating fantastic and fleshed out characters.

Lucas, was an incredible sweet and gentle soul. He was this amazingly artistic, and tender guy. A survivor of the worst kind of abuse, who was forced to find a unique way to cope with it. He fell in love with Shyann, even so he knew it wasn’t a good idea. He just couldn’t help himself, even so he knew that being around her would bring danger to his quiet life. Because with intense emotions came those feared blackouts – and consequently Gage.

Gage, was badass. He was a protector and guardian. Fiercely and fearlessly, Gage did anything to protect Lucas. Born out of fear, rage, and helplessness, Gage was a product of Lucas’s upbringing. Anytime anything could have been dangerous to Lucas, Gage intercepted by taking control.

Somehow Lucas made the best out of the situation, until he met Shyann.

Shyann, wasn’t a happy camper when she met Lucas. Circumstances forced her to come back to her hometown, that she couldn’t leave fast enough after high school graduation. Back and out of a job she grudgingly accepts work at the family’s construction firm. From the first moment, she was intrigued by Lucas’s quite personality. After being bossed around her entire life, the tender-hearted Lucas was a welcome change. Nevertheless, both were hesitant when their lives were suddenly entwined in a way neither of them anticipated. The close proximity allowed Shy to get to know Lucas bit for bit and to strip him of his protective layers. It didn’t take long for Shyann to see the wonderful man behind the shy demeanor. And his darker side.

Shyann showed amazing strength and trust. Her rock solid believe in Lucas allowed her to face her fears and to fight for him. Even if it meant to go against Gage.

All in all Split was utterly entertaining. I should mention that this was my first book by J.B. Salsbury, but it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed her writing. The story moved along quickly, apart from a few parts that dragged it was a beautiful and sweet story. I thought at the end it was a bit predictable, until the twist. I didn’t see that one coming. And the cherry on top, it had one very satisfying epilogue.

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