Book Review – Sky Raiders (Sky Raiders #1) by Michelle Diener

4 stars

SciFi Space Opera at its finest.

I found Michelle Diner exactly one year ago. Her book Dark Horse (Class 5, #1)  was recommended by one of my most trusted writers, and I just had to try it. I was literally blown away by the quality of her writing and outstanding storytelling.

Action, space adventure and a touch of romance, a strong heroine and a wonderful hero, and you got a hit. At least that’s how I felt about her books.

In Sky Raiders Garek and his love Taya were ripped apart by alien Sky Raiders. The more advanced species was searching a particular material and they used Garek and Taya’s home planet as a source for workers. When Garek came home after two years or working as a guard protecting their capital and he found his home town raided and Taya gone.

Garek, smart, strong, and resourceful didn’t take long to figure out what was going on and started to plan a rescue mission.

Even so their home planet Barit was not as advanced as the aliens, their genetics balanced it out giving them other skills. Some inhabitants of Barit were able to call the Change. The Change was a manipulation of water, air and earth. In Garek’s case he manipulated air in such a way that had not been seen before. His skill was one of the reasons why he was so thought after as a guard.

While Garek searched for a way to reunite with Taya. Taya and the other captives were stranded on a neighboring planet, without any way back to Barit. The Sky Raiders used the captured inhabitants to mine for a specific ore. While in such close proximity to the mineral Taya discovered her own talent. She was able to manipulate the shadow ore, a kind of iron that the Aliens were particular interested in. Suddenly the prisoners weren’t helpless anymore and the captives started making their own escape plans.


Sky Raiders was as fascinating as I hoped it would be. Her talent of combining science fiction with romance was fantastic. I’ve always liked romance in my books. But I would never say no to a great adventure and space travel opera. And Michelle Diener’s book made al that happen. I absolutely adored this book. It was captivating, entertaining and unique. And I can’t wait to read the next in this series.


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