Book Review – Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll by Sawyer Bennett

4 stars

Rock star books have always held a high priority for me.  Maybe it’s the mix of stardom, sex, drugs, hot guys everywhere, and groupies.  The entire idea is just so deliciously scandalizing.


Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll took a more down to earth approach, which I absolutely adored.

Evan Scott was a newly made rockstar.  He had a healthy approach to fame and stardom.  His priorities were straight forward “Control. Creativity. Autonomy. Quality,”.  I really liked that about him.  The sensibility to go for what he wanted without loosing himself in the process spoke of maturity that’s often missing in “rock stars” books.  Evan was just a regular man who happened to live an abnormal kind of life.

Evan met Emma Peterson, an attorney at his aunts firm, at the police station and is immediately intrigued by her prim and proper demeanor.  

She’s all work, work, work and that is most definitely interfering with my plans for her.

Emma proved to be a challenge for him.  Stuck in her practical and levelheaded life, the notion that Evan could be interested in her did not even make a blip on her radar.  She loved her job, contract research soothed her personality.  Emma was happy sitting somewhere in a quite corner in a library researching to her heart’s content until Evan shook her life to the core.

The singer definitely came on strong.

“What do you think you are doing?” Emma rasps out in between panting breaths. She looks at me with unfiltered accusation. “Seems to me I was kissing you,” I toss back at her, holding myself in check so I don’t launch myself at that hot little body. “You can’t do that,” she huffs, and then licks her lips. Fuck.

But Emma liked how he made her feel.  The excitement, rush, and desire was missing in her life.  Even though Evan came on strong, she resisted, and pushed back to Evan’s pleasure.  He really got exited by her temperament and hidden fire.

She shakes her head, denying me. “We can’t. It’s not proper.” “I am not a proper type of guy,” I warn her as I take a step toward her.

He challenged her in every regard and it excited him to push her out of her comfort zone.

“Fuck that, Emma. For just once in your life, do something daring. Do something crazy and impulsive, and do it while you’re sober and without champagne guiding your actions. Stay here with me…

Emma on the other hand was way out of her league.  But she somehow balanced Even.  She invoked in him the desire to have something more in life, a normal life of waking up with her, cooking dinner, and hanging out in front of the TV.  A possible future with her.

“I’ve never had sex with someone without having very deep feelings. I’ve never had hook-up sex. I’ve never done one-night stands. You’re a professional at this, and I’m an amateur. I just don’t know what any of this means.”

Her straight-lace attitude clashed with his artistic and sexual temperament in the best of ways.


I really, really enjoyed Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll it was sweet, easy and light.  A wonderful interlude for a cold day in November.  I was snuggled up in bed, with a smile on my face, this was exactly what I needed.

Sawyer Bennett managed to keep me entertained from the very beginning.  I rooted for both of them to find their HEA.  I was glad that the storyline wasn’t as dramatic and explosive as it could have been.  It had just the right amount of tension and conflict.   Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll was just perfect as it was.


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