Book Review – Sex Machine by Marie Force

4.5 stars

What a hot ride!!!!! It left me a puddle of goo.

“I’m dirtier than you can imagine. You think you can match me dirty for dirty, Honey Carmichael?” “I think I want to try.” “Fuck, that’s a good answer.”

Honey Carmichael was tired of mediocre she wanted toe-curling sex, so she put on her big-girl pants and made Blake Dempsey a proposal he couldn’t refuse.

Six words that changed his life forever.

Blake Dempsey was an utterly swoon-worthy, hardworking hunk of a man. He had an amazing body and was incredibly well endowed. But deep down he was a shell of a man. He thought he was a disaster,  a no-good, broken-down mess. All he allowed himself was one beer every week and ONE-and-DONE sex.

He was utterly shocked to hear Honey proposition him, but ever since kindergarten he had a secret fascination with Honey Carmichael and saying NO would just not fly with him.

Of course one night wasn’t enough for Blake and Honey. Not only did they have scorching hot sex, the sheets-grabbing lip-biting kind of sex, Blake also started to feel safe around Honey. She was someone he had known his entire life, she understood his pain. He didn’t have to hide the agony in him. He could let go and be himself. Blake was known as the sex-maxine because of his stamina but also for his emotional remoteness. Honey gradually brought the old Blake, the happy one, back to the surface. She coaxed him out of his shell.

Honey, had faith in him, in the person he once was, and the person he could be again. And she knew how far she could go.

If I push for more than he’s able to give, he’ll run away. I don’t want him to run away. I want him to keep coming back, but only if that’s what he wants, too. So I bite back the urge to suggest more.

Blake and Honey found a match in each other. She was his antidote to a non-existing life and also gave him hope that there could be a HEA for him after all. And Blake was the guy that finally rocked Honey’s world.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember what it felt like to be truly happy. It’s been such a long time, years… And then a beautiful girl walked into a bar and turned my orderly world upside down.”

If just his demons would have let go of him.  But  nothing really worthwhile ever came easy in life, especially not for Blake.


It was a fantastic, and fast paced read. I absolutely adored Blake’s vulnerability. He was definitely my favorite character. The author didn’t go overboard with the damaged hero clique, Blake was just enough damaged to make it believable. I also loved his dominant and protective side, which again was just right for me.

Sex Machine was a wonderful surprise for me. I have read some of Marie Force’s other books but I was NOT prepared for this hot ride. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a touch of HOT.






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