Book Review – Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels

4 stars

What a beautiful story!!!!

Say You Want Me was about love, loss and second chances. The two main characters met again, after a couple passionate nights, when unexpected news brought the heroine back to Tennessee.

Angie, the big city girl from Philadelphia, and Wyatt, the gentleman cowboy. They couldn’t have been more opposite. But as the saying goes, opposite attracts. But most important, Angie and Wyatt complimented each other.

Wyatt Hennington was absolutely swoon worthy. Not only was he a southern gentlemen, he was also a gorgeous hunk of a cowboy and an all in all fantastic catch. Wyatt did anything for his family and the people he loved. He was genuinely good. Dedicated and loyal to his friends and family. Hardworking. And very much into Angie.

“Honey.” He leans in closer. “Don’t call me ‘honey’.” “Darlin’.” He grins.

Angie, had a weakness for Wyatt since the very first meeting. But because of her upbringing she stayed away from deeply emotional relationships, expect for her best friend Presley and her nephews. The thought of having her heart broken terrified her to no end.

Nevertheless Angie gave Wyatt three month to convince her to stay with him in Bell Buckle Tennessee.


There was attraction between them from the very beginning. Wyatt was as into her as Angie was drawn to him. The simmering attraction was addictive. But neither were sure if the other felt the same.

“I’m serious.” He stands and looks at me with an overly serious expression. “I’m the most eligible bachelor here in Bell Buckle.” “Slim pickings, huh?” “You’re about to be a very hated woman here. You don’t know how many girls love me.” “Your humility is truly astounding. I’ve heard all about your sexual escapades.” He laughs. “You’ve also been one of those escapades, honey.”

Nevertheless they grew closer with every month. Living in such close quarters, in Wyatt’s cozy cottage, the close proximity brought out the best and worst in them.

I shake my head and lift the covers. “I’ll warn you now, I’m a violent sleeper. We didn’t sleep much the last time we were in a bed together, but I get really hot and rip off the blankets. I also don’t like to be touched. Oh, and according to my ex, I kick and knee people.”

But it also opened their eyes and made them aware of why they were so attracted to each other in the first place. It allowed feelings to grow. It also gave Angie and Wyatt the opportunity to really see if they could make it work as a couple.

I just adored the first half of Say You Want Me, it was such a heart-warming story. The book became more emotional in the second half. Tragedy and loss really tested Angie and Wyatt’s relationship.

But all in all it was such a beautiful and satisfying read.

Say You Want Me is a standalone, but also sequel to

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