Book Review – Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

F A N T A S T I C  **** 4.5 stars

As soon as I read the blurb, I WAS HOOKED!!

This book came recommended by Grace Draven, apparently she bought it because of the cover which I can totally relate to. And what a fabulous recommendation it was.

Rhapsodic had everything a thrilling PNR novel should have. And it was such a refreshing book to read!

Callypso Lillis was a siren, she could glamour anyone except fairy’s. Since fairy’s lived only in the Otherworld, that wasn’t an issue until she needed help from the Bargainer, Lord of the Night, and the Otherworld.

Bargainer met Callie during a night of horrors 7 years ago. Their fateful meeting would change both their lives in a way that neither expected nor was prepared for. Callie a minor at that time, really needed someone to connect to. Her choices were slim except for Bargainer. Of course, everything the Bargainer did came with a steep price. One IOU led to another. Soon she had a arm full of IOU beads, that bound her to The Lord of the Night for years to come.

After the pivotal night, Callie didn’t see the Bargainer again. Mystified and hurt she moved on. Or at least she tried to move on. 7 years to the day of their last encounter, the Bargainer was back in her life. With a bang. A nightly visit by Desmond Flynn changed Callies life for the second time in her life.

He came to collect her IOUs. And finally to continue what they stopped years ago. Their attraction was as potent as ever.

Desmond Flynn, also known as the Lord of the Night, waited 7 years for this moment. And nothing would prevent him from collecting. Their reunion also coincided with a string of disappearances in his kingdom he needed Callies help with.

It was finally time for Callypso and the Bargainer to find out what they meant to each other. And if there could be a possible future together.




I loved this book. First of all the Bargainer had WINGS!!!!!!!! How cool is that, and not the feathery kind of wings, nope, the silver ones that were tipped with talons. I almost swooned.

Callypso was fantastic, she was strong, powerful, and kicking ass. And besides all that she really enjoyed her power. Callie managed to apply her powers in a way that made her happy and allowed her to build a business around it.

I loved the darkness surrounding the Bargainer. Bad guys always had more fun than good guys. Thrilling, enthralling and powerful he swooped Callie of her feet. But besides all of his power he really enjoyed to be just Desmond Flynn around Callypso.

The book had a surprising twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. I really need book 2 NOW. Besides that amazing twist the story was intriguing, fast paced and very unique. It’s plot and world building was outstanding but not overwhelming. The writing was compelling, quick-witted and easily flowed from page to page. I did not want to put it down, and I’m highly anticipating the sequel.

Rhapsodic was completely a “my kind” of story, from beginning to end, it was a pleasure to read. 

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