Book Review – Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

3.5 stars


Punk 57 was difficult for me to read and to review.


So far I must have read most of Penelope Douglas’s books. But non has polarized me as much as Punk 57.

The author touches a subject that is as real as today’s news and happens every day in schools across the world.

Bullying is an epidemic.

And Social media has only made it worse in my mind. And I’m just so glad that Facebook wasn’t an issue during my school years.

I could go on and on about the whys and hows, and more whys. It won’t add to this review. It would just be me venting about this issue.

I’m giving Penelope Douglas praise for tackling such a pressing matter.  But, I just couldn’t enjoy this book as much as others.  My starring has nothing to do with the quality of writing, it’s just a representation of the feelings Punk 57 invoked in me.  I couldn’t’ put it down, but at the same time I didn’t want to read it further either.

This sums up my feelings pretty well….

“When I was little,” he goes on. “I used to be able to go home and get away from it. But now we’re older. We have Facebook, and everything they say about me during the day, I get to see online every night.” I can hear the tears in his voice, and I want to get him some napkins to clean up the blood, but I don’t want him to stop talking, either. “One of you assholes pushes my tray into my clothes and dumps food all over me, and the first thing everyone does is take out their phones. And then I have to relive it through pictures on my newsfeed every hour—even days and weeks later. Over and over again. I can’t get away from it anymore. Not even when I leave school.”

Reading this makes me wish we could turn time back and never invent social media.




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  1. I’m with you there! I am so happy social media wasn’t around when I was younger too. I was never bullied or was a bully but I saw it with other kids. I’m also happy cameras phones weren’t popular either, I did a lot of stuff I would be embarrassed about.

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