Book Review – Naughty Boss (Steamy Coffee Collection #1) by Whitney G.


That was me yesterday night when I got the email from Amazon that Naughty Boss had arrived.

I was doing a happy dance.

Of course I had to read it right then and there. Who cared how much sleep I would get.:-)

Naughty Boss was exactly what I hoped for.

Fun, fun, fun!!

Mya and Michael were perfect for each other.

Michael was the typical CEO, a demanding perfectionist, and a workaholic. Of course he expected the same from his executive assistant. Ironically he had difficulty finding someone that could keep pace with him, until Mya. Mya, strong but feisty, loved her job and was great at it but she still had time to vent to her best friend about his unreasonable demands and crazy hours.

Back and forth went those emails between Mya and Amy until one day the email was sent to the WRONG recipient.

Michael, after reading all 367 email between Mya and her ‘bestie’ Amy, was finally aware of Mya’s little infatuation with him. His sexual attraction with Mya started at the very beginning of them working together, but even after a year as his executive assistant he had no idea that she felt the same.

The emails definitely let the cat out of the bag.


I loved it. Of course it was too short, and of course I would have loved to read a full novel by this author, but I was so happy getting anything at all from Whitney G. that I can’t really complain. It was the perfect early Christmas present. A short and fun little interlude. I thought the emails were hilarious. And Michael was just the perfect CEO for some steamy office fun. The novella was exactly that, a fun and steamy romp in the office.


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