Book Review – Max (Cold Fury Hockey #6) by Sawyer Bennett

4 stars


What a sweet and heart-warming love story!

Sawyer Bennett delivered another solid book in her very popular Cold Fury Hockey series. Max is set during the same time as Hawke (book 5) and allowed the reader another glimpse into Hawke’s and Vale’s relationship, which I adored!

Max was a modern day Cinderella story.

A famous hockey player fell in love with a ‘girl next door’. Someone that worked three jobs to keep herself and her two young nephews and niece in food, clothing and a roof over their head.

He fell for her, completely and irreversibly and swept her off her feet, with kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness. Most of his waking hours he thought of ways to make her and her charges lives easier and more comfortable. Which I absolutely adored!!

She was proud, strong and independent and gave him a run for his money.

The novel had everything, from a swoony hero, to a strong heroine. Intense chemistry, heat between the sheets, and lots of feelings between the couple.

Even so Max and Jules were very different in upbringing they found in each other their other half. Max was very confident with a heart of gold. Julianne carried more responsibilities on her shoulders than others experienced in a lifetime. She was practical to a fault, pragmatic and hard-working. Her first and only priority were the three young children from her beloved departed sister.

Love was never a priority nor something she thought could fit into her busy lifestyle.

Fortunately Max had other ideas, and wormed his way into her very guarded heart.

For Jules it was quite an eye-opener to date a famous hockey star. Being a Cold Fury hockey player’s  girlfriend meant that she was fair game for everyone from puck bunnies to journalists.

Max was dedicated to her from the very first moment. For him, she brought joy and fulfillment into his life and he would do anything to keep it that way.

It was a very quick paced and easy read. Low on angst which I appreciated. And it had a wonderful mature and down to earth couple that completed each other in the best of ways.

I’m amazed how the author manages to create couples that are equally unique, interesting and a perfect addition to the Cold Fury family. Reading one of her books is like coming home and visiting family. I love to catch up with the rest of the crew, read about their interactions and bonding time on as well as off the ice. It’s always a pleasure to immerse myself in a Sawyer Bennett book.






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    1. Oh so glad to hear it!!!! It’s so wonderful to have such a great guy as main character. The good guys rarely get the girls.;-)

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