Book Review – Managed (VIP #2) by Kristen Callihan

4 Stars

What a fantastic story by Kristen Callihan. Managed, the second book in her VIP series, was incredibly hilarious, very sweet and fabulously witty.

The book started with a bang.

What to do when seated next to a beautiful and hot British vest wearing hunk of a guy? You chat his ears off.

Sophie Darling social media expert, and former paparazzi was seated next to Gabriel Scott, British hottie with a strong case of flying phobia. Gabriel was quite grumpy when he found out he had to share his second first cabin seat with a female sex-bomb à la Marylin Monroe. Mr. Scott had the habit of booking two seats so no one would  be a spectator to his anxiety. But he was clearly not prepared for Miss Darling. Sparks flew almost instantly.

Sophie had a knack for pushing and nudging Gabriel in such a way that made him forget all about the interloper and his fear of flying. She had quite a lot of fun propelling him out of his comfort zone. Well adept in handling his phobia, she excelled in digging a way into his guarded heart. I loved that about her. Genuinely caring, and warmhearted she immediately took over.

The time they spent together on the airplane helped develop a relationship without outside intervention. Inside that cocoon it was just Gabriel and Sophie. Both were able to let their guards down. And allowed them to be as open and as genuine as possible.

I think the best part of the entire books was their sparring. Their chemistry and witty dialogues were to die for. Sophie was hilarious, blunt, and called it how she saw it. Gabriel, a bit stuffy and very much British, had this dry humor that I just adored.

There was an immediate mutual attraction. It was simmering under the surface but neither really came out and put a name to it. Their attraction turned eventually into genuine fondness. And in a natural and timely manner their relationship progressed in a convincing and unhurried way.

Even so Gabriel tried to keep a professional distance between Sophie and himself, the connection they established on the flight grew. Sophie had a way with him, that no other person came even close to. All of Gabriel’s friends were kept to a manageable distance. Scottie was known as cool and aloof. But not with Sophie. With her he was who he wanted to be. Weaknesses and all.

I adored that aspect of their interactions. Gabriel was so different when he was around Sophie. As if she managed to peel a few of his layers, and found the sweet side that he was hiding from everyone else.

There were so many wonderful moments between Sophie and Gabriel. And I cherished them all.

Gabriel Scott and Sophie Darling were perfectly suited for each other. The way they couldn’t sleep without the other. How Sophie became Home for Gabriel. How much both came to care about each other. I could go on and on.

Of course, Sophie’s paparazzi past came eventually back to haunt her. One mistake that tormented her ever since needed to be addressed. But with Gabriel by her side, she could conquer any situation.

I thought Managed was wonderfully written. I might not have liked IDOL, book 1, that much, but Managed clearly made up for it. Kristen Callihan wrote exceptional characters. I loved them all. The entire book was fast paced, easy to read, and beautifully written. Just an awesome book!!!



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    1. 🙂 I understand completely!!! I had to be so patient with my library. They were not the fastest in purchasing it. I have such a stingy budget, so most of my books are library, and most recently KU and ARCs. So sometimes I’m having a hard time waiting.:-)

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