Book Review – Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre

4.5 C A P T I V A T I N G  &  T H R I L L I N G stars

She turns to leave, and without her, the room feels dead.

I’m beyond speechless.

This book was something else!!!

I was captivated by the uniqueness of the storyline but also by the friendship and relationship Trey had with Kate. I couldn’t put the book down. The intense sexual attraction and flirtyness had me squirming in my seat. Trey turned up the heat, just by walking into a room. And the ‘maybe, maybe not’ drove me insane with anticipation. Every chapter brought new temptation for Trey and Kate.

“Truth be told…” he glances over at me. “I’m glad you are engaged. It makes everything easier.”

I LOVED the forbidden, it made the story so much more juicy.

The thrilling knowledge that if Kate wouldn’t have been engaged he couldn’t have helped himself and  would have BOUNCED! That underlying temptation was palpable throughout the entire novel. One thin, fragile tether controlled his ravenous desire to make Kate his. And that leash was in danger of being ripped and shredded on every page.

“Stop.” I step forward, my hands settling on her knees and pushing them apart, her body opening like a flower for me, that fucking pink silk flashing at me from between her thighs. I pull my gaze from it and back to her face. “If you want me to fuck you, Kate, just say the word. Don’t ever be confused over whether I want that. There’s not anything on Earth I want as badly as you. I’d love to know if the chemistry that we have … if it could be how I imagine it.”

Trey and Kate had an amazing chemistry. The kind that ignited just by a glance, a touch, a thought. It started with attraction, that developed into a friendship that was unlike anything I’ve ever read about. Not only did they work fabulously together, Trey as the owner of a lingerie company and Kate his newly acquired Creative Director, they also completed each other in a way that most couple never do.

She challenged him constantly, but also called to his dominant site. His commanding nature aroused her but didn’t diminish her inner strength to push back and put him in his place when needed. They trusted each other, knew each others strength and weaknesses. Often a single glance was all they needed to communicate.

“It’s the way you look at each other. Like you guys are having subliminal conversations. It’s rude, you know. When other people are there. I felt left out having lunch with the two of you. Plus, there’s the whole attraction thing.”

They knew each other better than anyone else, including their significant others. Oh yeah, they both were in relationships at times.

Which was tantalizing, nerve-racking and kept me turning pages like CRAZY.

(Let’s get it out of the way, nobody cheated on anyone.)

But that was not the only thing that had me glued to the pages. Mr. Trey had some big, kinky secret stashed away. OMG, I had to pick up my jaw off the floor. Call me intrigued and HOT!!

The entire book was pretty much one loooong foreplay. There was so much innuendo and flirting going on, it left me all hot and bothered.

I have barely begun my explanation when I feel the tip of his pen pulling up the edge of my skirt. I stall, my eyes dropping to my thighs, the skirt inching higher, past my knees, now my thighs. My hose ends, my skin pale against the edge of the black lace, and my breath catches when the tip of the metal crosses onto my skin.

Love in Lingerie had everything I could have hoped for and MORE. I had no idea what was coming. This book was so much more than I could have ever expected. Trey – he was something else. Seductive, commanding, blunt, and head over heels in love with HIS Kate. Oh, he made me SWOOOOON.


It was an immense pleasure to review this book. Alessandra Torre has a style of writing that I adore. None of her books are like the other. Always fresh and unique. Love in Lingerie should be read uninterrupted and enjoyed to it’s fullest. It deserves your unending devotion.

ARC generously provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review.

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