Book Review – Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4.75 stars – almost PERFECT

This was a really addictive and heart-warming romance!

Good Boy is the first in a new series by power author duo Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

I absolutely adored their books HIM and US. HIM popped my M/M cherry. And I couldn’t have picked a better book for it. Both authors are such outstanding writers. Sarina’s very first book The Year We Fell Down is still one of my all time favorites. And all the following books in The Ivy Years were fabulous. Elle’s Off-Campus books were the same. These books started my still on going obsession with college jocks.

Good Boy is their latest collaboration.

We met both Blake Riley and Jess Canning in the book US. Blake, was the exuberant teammate that always knocked at the most inconvenient times on Wes and Jaime’s apartment. And Jess Canning, one of Jamie’s sisters . Whew, complicated.

On top of that, Blake and Jess had HISTORY. Both hooked up one fateful day, for one passionate encounter. It left a lasting impression on both of them. Because of Blake’s track record with women and the distance between them, her in California and Blake in Canada, she kept him at arms length. At least she tried. But life threw them together again and again.

And whenever they met it sizzled between them. Even so Jess tried very hard not be attracted to him, her body often betrayed her. And Blake’s teasing didn’t help. He honest-to-god got off on it and enjoyed the heck out of a pissing off Jess.

“You know,” he continues, “when all the babes would throw themselves at me nilly-willy.” “Willy-nilly,” I correct. “Huh?” “It’s willy-nilly. The willy comes first.” He winks at me. “I’ll let you have this one, but only because you’re right—the willy always does come first.” I clench my teeth. This man is impossible. I don’t know what ever compelled me to get naked with him.

I absolutely ADORED Blake.

He enjoyed pushing Jess’s buttons whenever possible. He loved to frazzle her to get a reaction, any reaction really, especially if it meant that Jess turned into a spitfire. Blake was a boisterous and funny guy. Big, goofy, and loud, he enjoyed his life to the fullest.

“You know,” a low voice drawls as a warm hand squeezes my shoulder. “There’s time to feed the kitty before we get dressed for the big day.” He’s so near that parts of me tingle even in my outrage. “Blake,” I say, my voice almost a whisper. “Yes,” he breathes beside my ear. “I don’t have a cat.” He lets out a sexy rumble, his thumb trailing down my arm. And it’s then that I realize feed the kitty means… “We aren’t feeding the kitty or hiding the salami or anything else you can think of to call it. We’re just not. There will be no repeats this weekend.” He reaches beneath my wet hair and cups the back of my head, his long fingers trailing across my skull. Goosebumps break out all over my body. “Never say never, J-Babe.”

I laughed so hard at times. Jess and Blake were perfect for each other. Jess needed someone that pulled her out of her shell. To make her laugh. Blake’s teasing and goofiness made her forget her studies and troubles. And she was able to enjoy herself, even if it was just for a moment.

Jess was such an approachable character. She hadn’t found her calling yet, and it worried her. Her parents worried to, since she’d always jumped from career to career. And she hated to be a burden to her parents. So, when she finally found a job that felt right to her, it was a huge deal. But it came with relocating to Toronto. And that meant she would be living in the same city as Blake. Which didn’t really help her determination to stay away from Blake.

Blake, on the other hand couldn’t have been happier about her relocation.

He was such an awesome character. Unique and distinctively different.

“Just don’t make any inappropriate double entendres when we’re there,” Jess warns as I speed off the highway exit ramp. “How about triple entendres?” “That’s not a thing.” “Single entendres?” “Also not a thing.” “Everything’s a thing if you make it a thing,” I disagree. She sighs. “I’m going to dump you one of these days.” I cast her my most innocent smile. “No, you’re not.”

I loved his enthusiasm for life. He was like a steamroller. Unstoppable. He had no inhibitions, and was unabashedly into Jess. As soon as he decided that Jess would be his girlfriend he was 100% dedicated to her. I loved that about him. He also was very sweet at times. When he pretended to be his own assistant to reserve a table to take Jess out to dinner, I swooned.

His and hers sinks, baby. I laughed at the real estate lady when she raved about that particular feature, but now I’m digging it. Jess and I brush our teeth side by side. I make silly faces at her in the mirror, and she laughs so hard she spits out a mouthful of toothpaste and it drips down onto her bare tits.

Another great scene was when Wes and Jamie caught them kissing in the elevator. It could have gone very different but Jess stepped up and surprised the heck out of me. I loved her inner strength. When it came down to it, she knew that Blake was good for her.

But honestly there were so many awesome scenes that made me smile. This book was sooooo satisfying. Wonderfully written, fast paced, and I just LOVED Blake.

Really there wasn’t much I didn’t like about his book. And I’m sure I’ll be rereading it again.

And on top of that Good Boy has only confirmed that Sarina and Elle are unbeatable.







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6 thoughts on “Book Review – Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! I’m gonna start reading it soon and, even though Blake was funny in Us, he had the worst timing, always interrupting at the most inappropriate of times! So I’m happy he turned out to be such a great, fun character 🙂

    1. I had the same thought. I remember him being obnoxious and inviting himself over all the time.:D I couldn’t see him as the hero, but oh he was. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. But I have to say I didn’t fall in love with him right from the start, it took a little bit:-).

    1. Thanks Geybie!!! Love having you visit:-) I loved this book, and mainly because of Blake. But I also think he might not be to everyone’s taste. He is quite the character.:-) But you should definitely give it a try.

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