Book Review – Going Under (The Blackhawk Boys #3) by Lexi Ryan

What a beautiful story!

Forbidden love, regret, secrets, sorrow.

Going Under has it all.

The secrets!!! They are killing me. So many things are luring in the dark. With each chapter more secrets are unearthed. Hidden diary pages, ominously point towards an event that could be the death blow to a relationship that could have been the forever kind. Sigh!

I’m mostly sitting on the edge of my seat, or more accurately, huddling under my blanket with a tissue box in hand. The tension is the kind that drives me nuts. In a good way.:-)

Alexandra DeLuca is secretly in love with Sebastian/Bash Crowe since the very first day he steps into their classroom. Sharing a desk just brings them closer. Unknown to Alex her twin sister is already partying up a storm with Sebastian. They become friends, but jut friends. But her crush is as strong as ever. After a tragic accident she leaves home to get away from it all.

The tragedy changes Bad Boy Sebastian as well. He turns over a new leaf but can’t really shake all of his murky past. Secrets lurk and just wait for the right moment come out.

After two years of practically hiding out in Colorado, Alex comes home to find out that she not only will work with Sebastian at his father’s garage, but also attends the same college with him. Yay. Awkwardness galore. She is pretty much seeing him every time she turns around. And is being reminded that he is still the one she crushes on.

Alex is not that much happier about their circumstances either. For him, she has always been beautiful, smart, kind, with a quirky sense of humor. But he believes that his acquaintance with her twin sister, makes a future with Alex impossible.

Now, seeing each other so often, and sharing the same friends, he is being reminded of his mistake every time he lays eyes on her, and it chips away on his resolution to stay away from her.

Hurt feelings, miscommunication, secrets, all keep me flipping pages like possessed.

I’m rooting so badly for Alex and Sebastian. They both deserve a HEA so badly. One unexpected twist of fate and the future seems suddenly dark and empty.


Lexi Ryan writes wonderfully, emotional and complex characters. Going Under tugs on my heart-strings. I’m hurting right next to Alex and Sebastian. Where are the damn tissues???????

ARC generously provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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