Book Review – Full Package by Lauren Blakely

4 stars

What a wonderful friends to lovers romance.

Lauren Blakely has an unique way writing charismatic characters.

Ever thought about how it would be being roommate with a hot guy? Sharing a small space every day, a bathroom, kitchen, and a living room?

That’s exactly what Josie Hammer and Chase Summers found out.

Chase, a doctor back from a year in Africa, was in desperate need of a roommate. Josie, an old friend and wonderful baker, had an open spot in her minuscules apartment.

Both had been friends for a long time. Platonic friends of course. They never crossed the line romantically. Until close proximity offered too many temptation.

Chase the king of compartmentalization, thought he could handle the living arrangement just fine. Until Josie started online dating.


“Catcher in the Rye. I don’t like cereal. Tube socks.” I slam the machine closed and give her a pointed look. “Catcher in the Rye is high school required reading, and if that’s the last book he read, God help us. Plus, tube socks are a deal breaker. And you can’t date someone who doesn’t like cereal. There’s no excuse for that.”

Chase was in denial for quite awhile.

My fists clench. My chest pinches. My jaw tightens. But then, I’m just being territorial, I tell myself. I’m a lion protecting my pride.

This isn’t personal. This isn’t a man looking out for his woman. This is just elemental. It’s basic male/female pack mentality, king-of-the-jungle shit. It’s a guy looking out for a girl he cares about. My job is to be her wingman on alert. To keep her safe.
It was wonderfully hilarious to see him deny his affection and attraction for his roommate. And more and more he had a hard time controlling himself as his ‘compartmentalization drawers’ got messier and messier.
When she kisses me good night—on the cheek—I clench my fists as a reminder to keep it all in check. As she turns on her heel and walks into her bedroom, my eyes don’t stray from her, and that’s the problem. It’s become all too clear that these separate drawers are getting messier every day.

When Chase and Josie finally got it on, they were combustible in the very best way possible. They decided to be roomies with benefits until their passion ran it’s course. Or at least, that’s what they thought would happen.

But soon after feelings got intense! Both kept their emotions in check and hidden from the other, until Chase realized that living with Josie without being in a real relationship wouldn’t work for him anymore.

I loved the slow burn and the non-stop banter. Chase and Josie were extremely witty. They played off each other wonderfully. They had intense chemistry and a real friendship going. Lauren Blakely definitely knows how to write witty dialogues. Her characters were smart, approachable, and real. I thought adding those recipes was a unique touch. Especially since she personalized them in such a sweet way. I really enjoyed reading this book.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I listened to the Audio book of Full Package, and it was great fun. I read all the books in this series starting Big Rock. Sebastian York narrates the books, his voice really gets to me!!!

    1. I’ve never tried her books on audiobook. Maybe I should. I listen to audiobooks constantly and always am looking for new books to listen to. I’ll put her on my list.;D

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