Book Review – Fractures in Ink (Clipped Wings #3) by Helena Hunting


I have to be honest and say that the PUCKED series was my favorite until I read Fractures in Ink.  Sarah and Chris changed my mind.

I was blown away by Fractures in Ink. 

“I want you.” She smoothed her hands up my arms. “You’ll get me.” I dropped a kiss on her chin. “First I need to reacquaint myself with this gorgeous body of yours. You down?” She smiled and bit her lip. “Totally down.”

I truly fell in love with Chris. He was such a genuine good guy. I don’t remember much of Between the Cracks, but that wasn’t really necessary, as soon as I started reading  Fractures in Ink  Chris had all of my attention.

Chris Zelter, tattoo artist, older bother, boyfriend and protector. He excelled in all of it.

Chris had that vulnerability, the quiet personality that snuck up on you and left you breathless. Nothing like the usual dominant or overly alpha personalities. No, he had this calm demeanor, that was just too intriguing.

He was incredibly sweet but also protective. The two women in his life, Sarah and his sister Ivy, were all he was concerned about. Chris was terrified that something could happen to Sarah at the strip club. And his younger sister’s situation wasn’t much better. Both women needed help, and neither came really out and asked for it. Which of course made it so much more difficult. But that didn’t deter him, he would find a way.

On top of that he had all those walls built up inside of him. Chris didn’t believe that he deserved a future with Sarah, he was content with what they had, but didn’t dare to wish or plan for more. His history with women, that included his mother, left him jaded. Chris believed that he was the reason why his mother was the way she was. Which was utter nonsense.

Sarah Adamson, was such a strong and independent character. Beautiful and smart she had quite a few secrets that she carried around as well. She traded one hellhole strip club for the next, plus her internship and scholarship all took a toll on her. At the end it all depended on Chris and Sarah to realize that they belonged together. And that shared worry was halved worry.


Helena Hunting did an amazing job with this book. Chris and Sarah were a fantastic couple and I totally fell in love with them, especially Chris. I couldn’t get enough of them. Somehow their more reserved and quite demeanor really struck a chord with me. It was a more heart-felt story. Heart-wrenching at times, but also uplifting and sweet. Just awesome!!!!!



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