Book Review – Force of Temptation (Mercury Pack Book 2)

4 stars

Suzanne Wright delivers again an entertaining and riveting shifter novel.  Force of Temptation is the second book in The Mercury Pack Series.  And it was a such a pleasure to catch up with old and familiar characters.  The author takes the shifter genre to the next level by giving her characters animal characteristics.  In my opinion, if a character is a shifter, half animal half human, it also should show some animal behavior when in human skin.  It makes everything so much more real.

With Harley, a Margay (which I had to google, is a an absolute gorgeous South American cat), Suzanne Wright brings fresh blood into the shifter packs.  Harley has some wonderful feline characteristics, like being antisocial and having a fluid nature, that just gives her personality much more depth.  She is snarky in nature – HISS.  Strong, even though she is a smaller species of cat and sassy by nature.  She is a little reserved at first, new packs are never easy to warm up to, thanks to some of the more judgmental characters, and she already has tons of bad experiences behind her.

Whereas Jesse, a werwolf is the strong, dominant male shifter that growls – MINE all the time.  From the very beginning he is fiercely protective of Harley.  It’s been explained that they new each other when they were younger and spent one fateful night together.  And that he lost his mate at a young age.  But nevertheless, Jesse and his werewolf want only Harley.  So, when danger forces him to bring her into the pack, he is no nonsense, frank and very candid about what he wants from her.

I like the idea of imprinting vs. having a predetermined MATE. It gives hope that even if a shifter loses his/her mate, not all is lost. Because apparently finding THE mate does not necessarily give the couple the HEA they would hope for. So, having the option of imprinting opens up another path to finding a mate. The thought is very uplifting to me.


Suzanne Wright’s typical prose is refreshing as always.  Her witty dialogues a real pleasure to read.

“I’d answer you, I really would… but talking to you is about as appealing as sandpapering a wild cat’s ass while having my nipples chewed off by rabid dogs.”


Force of Temptation had a good amount of tension, conflict and action packed into a fast moving storyline.  It was fast moving, but by no means a short book.  It just felt like time flew by.  And that’s one of the best compliments I can give.



*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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