Book Review – Filthy Rich (Blackstone Dynasty #1) by Raine Miller

4 stars

Cinderella meets Mr. Perfect!!

Brooke Casterley, grand-daughter of the housekeeper at the Blackstone Family vacation retreat, crossed path with one of the notorious Balckstone’s at a black-tie affair. Like Cinderella she made a lasting impression. An interior designer during the day and part-time waitress at night, Brooke met  the billionaire under not so happy circumstances. Nevertheless Caleb was immediately intrigued by her.

For Caleb is was a fateful evening. He was instantly captivated by her beauty, voice and demeanor.

In his quest to find out more about her he employed her to redecorate his penthouse, which would ultimately put her in his path again and again. Caleb understood early on, that he had to give her time to adjust to the idea of being a couple. He was astute and knew intuitively that pushing her was not the way to go. He let her set her own pace. And subsequently his gentlemanly behavior slowly chipped away Brooke’s reluctance.

Whereas Caleb knew pretty much from the very beginning that his feelings for Brooke where there to stay. He also realized that what he was feeling was much too strong for such a short acquaintance, but he rolled with the punches. Caleb was in harmony with his feelings, which was a wonderfully refreshing in a guy.

On the other hand Brooke was the one that needed time and convincing that Caleb’s feeling didn’t come with any strings or secret agendas. Circumstances left her insecure, and in need of someone that would respect her wishes and made her feel beloved.

Caleb did a great job in being Prince Charming.

He was almost too perfect for my liking. He was incredibly attentive, took mental notes about anything that pertained to Brooke. Caleb was incredibly devoted from the very first sight, he had no real character flaws except an inner caveman that wanted to come out and play with Brooke constantly.

Brooke was a blubbering mess at times, apparently a medical condition that she had since her fateful car accident.

The sexual tension was intense and kept me turning pages like crazy. The author definitely knew how to write a hot sex scene. All in all the book was very well written, fast paced and introduced a great number of new characters, all ready for their own book.




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