Book Review – Compromising Her Position (Compromise Me #1) by Samanthe Beck

4.5 stars

I’m in LOVE with Rafe St. Sebastian!!!!


Rafe St. Sebastian – the name alone is HOT!!!

When Chelsea Wayne, the Assistant Manager of a beach resort, dragged Santa into the supply closet during a office holiday party, she had no idea Santa wasn’t really who she thought he was. After a very satisfying tryst Chelsea and Santa went their separate ways, until a very public unveiling of Santa and the future acquisition of the hotel by St. Sebastian Luxury Resorts.

Santa = Rafe St. Sebastian = new boss of Chelsea.

Not only is he a walking orgasm, but one with the power to render a woman deaf, dumb, and blind with pleasure.

And so the compromising began.

Equally satisfied, Rafe was not done with Miss Wayne. Not by a long shot. Unfortunately they met under less than perfect circumstances. Rafe realized that his latest sexcapade turned out to be a fiasco regarding one beautiful Miss Wayne. He just needed a plan to rectify that.

Another hotel acquisition later, they met again, this time on opposite sides.

On New Year’s Eve Chelsea, now General Manager at a Maui Resort and the new deal liaison between St. Sebastian and her latest boss, was confronted by her biggest mistake of the year – Rafe. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake at all. A week in close proximity at the Hawaiian single destination resort brought Chelsea and Rafe closer. They spent hours working side-by-side, exploring the island and each other. The attraction was potent and mutual. Both understood the boundaries and limits to their fling. A week of fun, letting go and enjoying each other.

He leaned closer, let his chest brush her breasts. “I’m guessing yes, because you seem a little excited.” She inhaled sharply. He loved her instant, unguarded responses. There was nothing contrived about Chelsea. Placing his fingers against the base of her throat, he went on. “Your pulse is racing. Your pupils are huge. I’d have to say you’re excited.”

To add to the complication of an affair between Chelsea and Rafe, Chelsea had a few rules she did not intend to break, that included not sleeping with her boss. A possible future with him was not in the cards for her. One week of Rafe was all she allowed herself. And Rafe had his own limits, he believed that relationships didn’t work for him. His constant traveling, and his parents’ personal lives didn’t help either. Getting married and all that came with it, was not something Rafe thought he could have.

Good thing, neither understood that plans and rules were there to be broken.

The notion of a one-week-only fling flew quickly out the window.

“I spent the last twenty-four hours running my ass ragged.” The thick growl coming out of his throat barely sounded like his own voice. “Aggravating my staff”—he tugged his trunks off—“ rescheduling meetings”—he rolled the condom on—“ commandeering a goddamn G-6 aircraft. Why?” He hooked his hands behind her knees and pulled her toward him. “Because I couldn’t wait another fucking second.”

I loved Rafe, he was soooooo hunkylicious. He knew what he wanted, went after it, and made it happen. And he LOVED a challenge. Especially if it meant to goat Chelsea into a verbal duel that resulted in a more carefree and wild Miss Wayne.

There was this amazing scene on the phone. I couldn’t stop smiling. Their verbal sparring was like foreplay. I loved that stuff.:-)

“Very diligent of you, Miss Wayne. Are you alone?” Silence ruled for a beat, and then she replied, “Yes.” “Which room are you currently inspecting?” “The living room.” He could work with that. “Is there a large sofa? I have unfinished business I fully intend to complete during this trip, and it requires a large sofa.”

“Her sultry voice flowed over the line. “The sofa is quite generous, but I fear your business may nonetheless remain unfinished.” Gauntlet thrown. Game on. He didn’t bother restraining his satisfied smile. Playing games with Chelsea had become his diversion of choice. Hers too, he suspected, because beneath her impressive reserve, he heard a thread of excitement. He wouldn’t hand her such an easy win this time. “We’ll see. What about the upholstery. Is it smooth or textured?” The faint rustle of cushions indicated she’d taken a seat. “It’s a sueded cotton. Very durable, if that’s your concern.” “My concern is comfort. If the fabric is highly textured, too much friction will leave red marks on delicate skin.” “I see.” Her audible swallow brought another smile to his face, and sent his blood flowing south. “It’s very smooth. I’m sure your delicate skin will suffer no discomfort.” “It’s not my skin I aim to protect, Miss Wayne, but you’ve put my mind at ease.”


There was NOTHING I didn’t like about this book. It was fast paced, beautifully executed and had an amazing cast of characters. I wouldn’t have said no to an Epilogue, though.:-)

I’m very much looking forward to Compromise Me #2, apparently it will be about Chelsea’s best friend Laurie. YAY!!!


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