Book Review – Cole by Tijan

I’m a huge fan of Tijan. And COLE only confirmed why I love her books so much.


I shouldn’t have remembered him.
He was just a guy who walked through a restaurant. I didn’t know his name. We never made eye contact. There was no connection between us at all.
But I could feel him.
The tingle down my spine. The command in his presence. The snap of tension in the air around him. That was the first time I saw him, and I was captivated.
The second time was different.
He was in the mysterious back elevator of my apartment building. Our eyes met for a fleeting second before the doors closed, and I was staggered. My breath was robbed. My senses on high alert. My body hummed.
That was just the beginning.
He was the leader of the mafia. I was about to fall in love with him, and his name…
Cole Mauricio

Expected publication: February 27th 2017


I fell in love with the author’s Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) series. Those books are famous for their drama, drama, drama :D.

Reading Cole was almost an entire new experience. The characters were mature and the drama almost low-key compared to Fallen Crest High.

COLE was a wonderful book.

And if you are a fan of MAFIA books – this one is for YOU!!!!

When I went into this book I had no idea that it was connected to CARTER REED. I mentally screamed YES!!!

What I didn’t know was that Cole was apparently the heir to his families clan. Carter Reed took only over for part of the time until Cole was ready to step in. I loved that connection.

Cole was powerful in his own right. Deadly, hot, and secretive were only a few of his characteristics. He ruled with an iron fist. And owned a gorgeous apartment building in down town.

Addison, recently widowed, moved into Cole’s new, very exclusive high rise building to escape painful memories. There she realized just how exclusive the building really was.

On one of her jogging rounds she encountered Cole, and the fascination was immediate – on both sides. Nevertheless she decided to stay away, not only because he looked dangerous but also because she wasn’t sure if she was ready for anything more – and with Cole there would be definitely MORE.

But the attraction was powerful, and finally, after a couple weeks, Addison relented and let herself been swept away by Cole. Cole and Addison made the best out of their time together because it didn’t take long until the dangerous world outside threatened their happily ever after and demanded attention.



I absolutely devoured this book. It had a good amount of angst, it was sexy, and utterly captivating.  I was hooked from the very first page and did not put the book down, even for a minute.

I especially loved how mature the characters were. Both Cole and Addison fought for what they wanted, and what was important in live. Loving someone in the MAFIA is no child play. Sacrifices and a backbone made of steel were required. Addison especially surprised me more than once with her willingness to be open minded and supportive. She didn’t nag nor gave Cole a hard time that he couldn’t share certain aspects of his life.

I really admired Addison for that.

And Cole – he was swoony in a kind of understated and more endearing way.

All in all – this book was a HIT!!!!


4 stars

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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