Book Review – Buy Me, Sir by Jade West

OMG – this one pushed me out of my comfort zone!!!


They call him the puppet master.
They say he’s dirty, dark and dangerous.
And they’re right.
He’s everything they say he is, and more.
So much more.

Alexander Henley has no idea I exist. No idea whatsoever how much I want him.
But that’s all about to change.
Because if there’s one thing I know about the puppet master, it’s that he pays well to pull women’s strings.
And I’m going to be his next purchase.


Published March 16th 2017
available on Kindle Unlimited

WOW – I need to sort my thoughts.

Jade West is an author that is NOT afraid of pushing boundaries or pushing me out of my comfort zone. 😀

Which is good because Buy Me, Sir was one explosive and thrilling novel. Whew this book kept me on the edge of my seat. I’ll only say two words – erotic asphyxiation.

Buy Me, Sir was not for the faint of heart. But I believe if you are a fan of Jade West’s novels a warning is not necessary.

I personally couldn’t wait to jump into her latest novel. So far her books have always been unique, engaging and HOOOOOOTTT!!!

Her novels have always managed to push my boundaries, and each and every time I finished the book with a satisfying whew!!! Buy Me, Sir wasn’t any different.

Alexander Henley’s tastes were unique. But what made it all so much more interesting was that Melissa had a matching unique personality. She fell in love with Alexander when she met him during one of his  motivational speeches at her school. While she fell in love with him, she also fell in love with anything that made him Alexander Henley.

That allowed her to be open and flexible to everything that made him HIM. She wanted to make him happy. Especially his kinky nature. And in return he made her happy.

I would describe Melissa as a blank page and Alexander was the one that filled her pages to his heart’s content.

And it worked for them.

I felt her passion and love for him. Loving him, making him happy also made her happy.

Even so Alexander Henley could be an asshole and jerk, he could also be incredibly caring and tender with Melissa. Her presence in his life changed him and made him a better person. His mood became more uplifting and he suddenly had something to look forward to, even if it just was a note from her. I loved to see that change in him. It gave me hope.

I thought Alexander and Melissa complimented each other wonderfully.

Even so their bedroom kink was not my sort of thing, it was nevertheless incredibly hot, believable and very well written. Like I mentioned, this book definitely pushed my boundaries to the limit. But I couldn’t complain because I was glued to the pages and did not put it down ONCE. I read it in one sitting and it will stay with me for a good long while.

I applaud Jade West for her exceptional skill in taking kink to the next level and making it so appealing to me that I devour her books every single time.

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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