Book Review – Breath of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #2) by Amanda Bouchet

4.5 stars

OMG what an exhilarating ride!!!!!

“You are my heartbeat and my every breath.”

Amanda Bouchet didn’t hold back anything and started immediately were A Promise of Fire ended. And pretty much almost gutted me with anxiety when Griffin found out who Cat really was. And he was PISSED. OMG!!! I only thought no, no, no, please, not Griffin and Cat.

But, I should never have doubted the mastermind of Amanda Bouchet.

This book was one thrilling rollercoaster ride. Monsters, a vindictive mother, an icy lake, quests, and more monsters. I could barely breath a sigh of relief that Cat and Griffin survived when they were at it again.

Aside from all the heroic adventures Cat and Griffin and their team endured and conquered, there was a good amount of relationship building in this book as well. Cat learned to trust herself. But also to trust in family, specifically in Griffin’s family, as well as in the Gods, they had a plan and she was the key to it.

Cat was very reluctant to acknowledge any ties to a future that had her anywhere close to ruling a kingdom. All she wanted was to be at Griffin’s side. Whereas he had very specific ideas of where exactly Cat would be.

“It’ll matter if someone steals you, and I can’t tell my army we’re going to war for my wife!” “No one’s going to steal me.” “I stole you!” “Stop roaring at me! I’m not deaf!”

The dynamic between Griffin and Cat changed. They were more willing to make compromises for each other, to subdue fears and calm souls. Cat understood that some vows were done for her well-being and to sooth Griffin’s mind. Every vow was a promise, a promise towards their future together.

Griffin made her whole again. He filled those missing pieces, and gave her a family as well.

The broken pieces of my soul that are still retrievable start fitting back together again as a breeze blows, silence falls, and the trees rain ashes.

Griffin’s vision of one unified kingdom slowly took shape. It was a steep, upward fight. Bloody and vicious. But to get there they had to fight battles, go on quests, and survive everything that was thrown at them.

Amanda Bouchet has a knack for writing superb characters. Every single one of Cat and Griffin’s family and team, was deeply layered. They had their own story to tell. Some stories were funny others tragic, but none was boring. And so many questions were still unanswered and leading to more adventures.

Even so the book was thrilling and electrifying it also had many funny and sweet moments. Especially Griffin and Cat made me laugh. They had so much chemistry, and sexual spark.

“She’s fifteen, Griffin. Some girls are married by then. I’m surprised she’s not sneaking around and kissing the pages.” His eyes darken dangerously. “Did you kiss the pages?” “At fifteen?” I nod. “And fourteen. And thirteen…” “If you say twelve,” he growls, “I won’t be accountable for my actions.” I tilt my chin up and look at him through narrowed eyes. I’m learning to appreciate this man’s irrational jealousy. “Twelve…”


“Ow!” I glare at him over my shoulder. “Did you just spank me?” “Yes.” He glares back. Smack! “Twice.” I gasp. “Griffin!” “The second time was for kissing pages when you were twelve,” he growls. “The first time was for driving me insane.”


“There’s a handprint on your arse.” I turn my face so I can breathe. “Are you sorry?” He grunts. “Not one bit.” I grin beneath a curtain of hair. I’m not either. Not one bit.

But also Cat’s relationships with her team and Griffin’s sisters were highlights to be cherished during such volatile times. They found time to chat, laugh and work on their friendships. Built on it until it was so deeply rooted that nothing could have broken it.


One of the things I loved most about this series is the connection to greek mythology. As a teenager I devoured books about greek mythology. Stories about heroic characters, going on unbelievable taunting quests. Fighting monsters and fickle gods. How unpredictable the outcome was because of the interference of those gods. Their animosity toward each other. One god killing the son of another god just to irritate them. Humans were playthings. Replaceable. One flick and they were gone. I was fascinated by it.:-)

The only thing that I could lament about is the length of the fighting scenes. Some went on and on and on, and I lost track a little. (:

Having to wait an ENTIRE year for book 3 is killing me.:-)


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