Book Review – Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay #3) by Jill Shalvis

A sexy, emotional romance.

I want you, Elle,” he said, voice low and rough. “It’s a goddamn ache, I want you so much. Just like this, dripping wet in every way, blind with need.

After reading and enjoying Jill Shalvis‘s Lucky Harbor books I couldn’t wait to dive into her latest Heartbreaker Bay novel. Her skill in writing wonderful likable and realistic characters has always been a huge draw for me. Wonderful and witty dialogues and delightful supporting characters guarantees an entertaining read.

Accidentally on Purpose was exactly that.

From beginning to end I was highly entertained, captivated and rooting for Elle and Archer. I loved their interactions. Their banter, and sexual tension. Both were so very strong and stubborn. In addition Elle and Archer had so much history between them.

Elle Wheaten was a sixteen year old when she accidentally interrupted a covert police operation. Too young, scared and on her own, she met a 22 year old rookie police officer named Archer Hunt. He abandoned his undercover position to take care of the innocent and young Elle and subsequently got suspended from the police force. But for him, making sure Elle was taken care of was more important than a job that wasn’t the right one for him anyway.

Throughout the years he kept taps on her, and made sure that she was safe. Elle, oblivious to his machinations, found herself general manager of the building that housed Archer’s own security company. After so many years of no contact, the sudden and close proximity allowed feeling to surface that had been buried or too long. Both, never able to forget the other, struggled with the still simmering attraction.

Archer was tough, strong and dominant. Not only his character but also his job description made him one scary but sexy dude. And there was only ONE person that could get him to come out of his shell. Only one person that could change his attitude. She was his weakness.

“Just remember, there’s not a lot of softness in his life, or room for weakness—of which you’re definitely one. He has absolutely no idea what to do with you, and as an action guy, that’s confusing to him. So maybe think about taking it easy on him. Even just a little bit.”

She softened him in a way no-one else could. She made him more human. And she was the only one he could see himself even wanting a relationship with.

Both were so bossy. Elle and Archer had trouble trusting anyone. Both distanced themselves from their own families and relied mainly on themselves. When two such independent and controlling people finally gave into their attractions, the result was explosive.

“I’m putting a temporary hold on the ‘stay away from me’ thing,’” she said. “just for a minute while I yell at you, and then we’re definitely going right back to it.”

Archer loved Elle’s attitude and bravado. He secretly riled her up just to see her bossy side emerge. It turned him on, to see her eyes flashing. For Archer, only an equally strong Elle could make him want to give up his lone wolf existence.

“Fine. It’s your life, but—” “But you’re still going to tell me what to do?” he asked, a small smile on his lips. She went into defense mode at his amused tone. “Well, I’m sure as hell not going to be quiet about it.” “Duly noted,” he said dryly. “And for the record? I never want you to be quiet, Elle.

They were both so strong but also very vulnerable. Both were afraid to take the next step, Elle even more so than Archer. When Archer finally understood what he wanted, he went after it. Elle, was the one that was more hesitant, and too afraid to trust in another person. She was always hiding behind a facade of impenetrable walls. Never allowing a crack until Archer pushed, and pushed, and pushed.


Her heart just about stopped. “Us?” she asked in shock. “There is no us. There’s a you. And there’s a me. And okay, so sometimes we get crazy and become a very momentary us but it’s not real.” “It could be,” he said. She gaped at him, completely gobsmacked.

For me Accidentally on Purpose was exactly what I hoped for – fast paced, impeccably written, strong characters and a fantastic cast of characters.

I enjoyed the secondary characters immensely. There were so many that wormed their way into my heart, but more than anyone else Morgan, Elle’s sister took my heart by storm. She was as strong as Elle, just a little more tarnished by how she decided to live her life. At the end I was so happy that Elle and Morgan found their way back to being sisters. Family means everything.

“Oh for God’s sake,” came Morgan’s sleepy voice, disembodied in the dark. “Go after the hot guy, would you?” “The peanut gallery needs to shut up,” Elle muttered into the cushion. “Just sayin’,” Morgan said. “I’d leave you alone out here in a hot minute to go have sex if I had the chance.” “I’m not going to go have sex while you’re out here knowing I’m having sex!” “Your loss,” Morgan said. “Oh my God,” Elle said. “Stop talking!”

Great characters, and a fantastic plot. Another win for Jill Shalvis.



4 stars


ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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