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The Clover Chapel

Devney Perry
Contemporary Romance


She took a dare and fell in love. Truth would have been the smarter choice.

After years of living under her father’s thumb, Emmeline is ready to break free. She’s abandoned her life as a New York socialite to follow her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher in a small, wholesome town. Seeing the man that nearly broke her was absolutely not what she had hoped to find in Prescott, Montana.

Nick hasn’t seen his Emmy in nine years, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten a thing about the woman he loves. After just one blissful night as man and wife, he gave her up, sacrificing his own happiness to keep her safe—far away from him. But the moment she walks back into his lonely life is the moment he decides never to let her go again. He won’t waste his second chance. All he has to do is win back Emmeline’s heart, keep her safe from the shadows in his past and prove to her that taking a wager on him is a sure bet.



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“What are you doing here?”

“Picking you up for dinner,” he said.

“It’s only three thirty. I prefer to put at least six hours between meals and I ate lunch at noon.”

“I’m not here to take you now, Emmy. But I’m giving you a heads-up that I’ll be back at five thirty. Don’t drive home.”

“You could have texted me all of this,” I said.

“Yeah. But then I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

He crossed the space between us in a millisecond and captured my mouth, wrapping his arms around my waist. His lips pressed roughly against mine as his tongue swept my lower lip. Over and over he stroked until my mouth fell open. When his tongue found mine, I melted. Heat erupted throughout my body and my knees gave out.

When I started to sink to the floor, he stopped kissing me but tightened his grip on my waist.

“I’ve got you.” A crooked grin formed on his lips.

I took a moment to steady my legs and stand tall before stepping back a foot. The skin around my mouth was surely pink from the contact with his beard. But at least it would match my flushed cheeks.

“Five thirty,” he said and walked out the door.


Thinking clearly was not an option after a Nick kiss but I really needed to pull myself together. I’d spent last night tossing and turning, replaying all the things Nick had told me these last few months.

You’ve always had my heart, Emmy.

We’re it for each other.

I thought about you every day for nine years.

And I thought about what my mother had said. That my heart had already forgiven him and I just needed to get my head straight with that concept.

Sinking into my chair, I let my head fall into my hands. “What am I going to do?”

I tried to picture what our life could be like. Me happy. Nick and I living a normal life. But every time that image popped in my head, it was immediately followed by the vision of me waking up alone to a note that said he was sorry.

Time was ticking away and I needed to make some decisions. My attorney had emailed me while I was in Italy to say he’d have my divorce papers drafted by the end of the month. Nick was not going to stop inserting himself into my life unless I made it clear we were over.

Were we over?

For nine years, I’d thought we were. But so much was different now. He was everything that I remembered. Kind. Affectionate. Intelligent.

And stubborn. Every time I tried to push him away, he just pushed back harder. But honestly, I really hadn’t put up much of a fight against his advances.

“Ten seconds ago, you let him stick his tongue down your throat with no fight at all, Emmeline,” I mumbled into my hands.







If you are a fan of insta-love – this book is for you!!!

If you love alpha males that have a soft and vulnerable side – this book is a MUST read!!

If you are looking for a book that’s well written, has a great plot, fantastic characters and one amazing TWIST at the end – this book should be on your tbr list – NOW!!



I loved revisiting Jamison Valley. After reading The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley, #1) I knew that the rest of Devney Perry‘s books would be added to my tbr list. I was honestly astonished by her debut novel. The author sounded and read like a seasoned writer. Wonderful dialogues, layered and complex characters, smooth writing, fast moving plot, action packed and contained twists that I didn’t see coming.

And I’m so happy to say with conviction The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley #2) by Devney Perry delivered.

One of the reasons why this book was so enjoyable was the community of Prescott, MT. I loved reading about all the characters that have been introduced in book 1 and had a cameo in THE CLOVER CHAPEL. The women of Prescott were strong, smart and down-to-earth. And so many hot guys were just waiting for their own book.

I might not have LOVED how the book started but fortunately the author put her own spin to a well known trope and turned the book around. On top of that her characters were likable and had great chemistry – which is always a strong indication of a well written novel.

Great sub plots throughout the entire story prevented me from getting bored and the many wonderful side characters that were introduced only enriched an already great storyline.

The hero’s devotion towards his woman was incredibly sweet and swoony. He had his moments of alpha bossiness but always had the heroines well-being on his mind. She was his first and foremost priority. His all consuming commitment and dedication was tremendously HOT!!

All in all this book was fabulously entertaining. Even so it had the whole insta-love going on, I still enjoyed it. It’s a credit to the author to make me want to believe in insta-love. 😀



Devney lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories.


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