Best Books of 2018

Best Books of 2018


Best Books of 2018



Look The Part

by Jewel E Ann

This book deserves 6 stars!! I was literally blown away by this novel.

Everything about this book was perfection. From the story to the characters. Especially the characters. The author managed to write two fantastic main characters, as well as a supporting cast that blew me away. The dialogues, the teasing, the never ending good-natured back and forth had me chuckling and laughing out loud. Ellen’s snarky and flirty personality, clashed with Flint’s dry humor and sarcastic undertones. It was PERFECT!!!


TAGS:  Witty |  Enemies to Lovers  |  Single Parent  |  Standalone  |  Mental Illness  |  Available with KU




Alphas Like Us - Krista Ritchie, Becca RitchieAlphas Like Us (Like Us #3)

by Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

It doesn’t happen often but this series gave me the biggest book hangover ever!!!!!

ALPHAS LIKE US was more than I could have ever hoped for. The bond that Maximoff and Farrow have is one of a kind and I adored and devoured everything about them from beginning to end.

To describe this book/series to someone that has never had the pleasure of reading a book by this author couple is like describing something that’s already perfection in every way.


TAGS:  M/M  |  Bodyguards  |  Billionaires 



Best Books of 2018

Dirty Headlines - L.J. ShenDirty Headlines

by LJ Shen

If you know me you know I love jerks, assholes and guys that say what they mean. I have a weakness for them – calling them my kryptonite would be an understatement. LJ SHEN is the one author that ALWAYS delivers.

VICIOUS, BANE and now CÉLIAN are my top contenders. They just have the something extra that is missing from many other heroes out there.

But I must admit Célian is my fave.

Whereas Vicious and Bane were OTT and skirted the edge of OMG – Célian did all of that with an elegance and aplomb that I could not help but fall in love with.

Célian had all the traits I love in a fictional hero


TAGS:  Jerks/Assholes  | Office Romance  |  Standalone  |  Alpha Male |  Available with KU




Fatal Invasion - Marie Force - EXCERPTFatal Invasion (Fatal #13)

by Marie Force

This is one of the ONLY series that deserves my 5 stars every single time!!!

I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!!!! I’m so in love with all the characters, but especially with Sam and Nick, they are true relationship and couple GOALS!! I had the BEST time reading this book. And lucky me I could read it in one sitting, no interruptions, just me, Sam and Nick and the rest of the cast.



TAGS:  Couple Goals  | Romantic Suspense  |  Series




Iron and Magic - Ilona AndrewsIron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)

by Ilona Andrews

OMG OMG OMG – I honestly did not think I would like Hugh as much as I did.

Iron and Magic is a spin off series of my beloved Kate Daniels, and it follows bad boy Hugh on his journey, after being banished and cut off by his master and God Roland.

Reading his side was eye-opening.



TAGS:  Witty/Sassy  | Urban Fantasy  |  Strong Heroine  |  Addictive





by Jay Crownover

RECOVERED was one of those books that forced it’s way into my heart and never left. From beginning to end I was all in. There was nothing else I wanted to do except for reading this awesome and brutally realistic love-story. It’s is a true and touching love-story. A kind of opposites attract trope, with two awesome characters that are very dear to me.







The Worst Best Man - Lucy ScoreThe Worst Best Man

by Lucy Score

Lucy Score is a new to me author, but boy is she GOOD!!! She managed to balance the witty, snarky, and smart-mouthed characters I adore, with a story that was refreshingly different.

But honestly, it’s all about the characters for me.

Franchesca Baranski was my kind of girl. A smart-mouthed girl from Brooklyn and Manhattan’s most eligible unicorn bachelor. I really loved Frankie, it doesn’t happen often that I love the heroine more or even as much as the hero. And together they were a delight!


TAGS:  Witty  | Billionaire  |  Standalone  |  Available with KU




THE BIRTHDAY LIST - Devney Perry - Cover RevealThe Birthday List (Maysen Jar, #1)

by Devney Perry

The Birthday List by Devney Perry was the ULTIMATE love story. I was consumed by it. Entirely invested in this absolutely gorgeous story from beginning to end. It was PERFECTION!!! Beautifully composed, masterfully written, a heartwarming, sweet, and swoony story that is by far the BEST work that the author has written so far!



TAGS:  Friends to Lovers  | Emotional |  Standalone




Love and Other Words - Christina LaurenLove and Other Words

by Christina Lauren

This book blew me away.

I don’t usually go for women’s fiction. Two of my criteria are a guaranteed happy ending and romance or at least a love story. That’s just how I roll. So I was beyond excited and ecstatic when I received a galley from the publisher, but I also was nervous. I shouldn’t have been, but it feels wrong if I didn’t at least mention it. Now, for the last three days, I lived for coming home after work to pick up Love and Other Words. I can hardly describe the way this book made me feel.


TAGS:  Second Chance  |  Standalone  |  Emotional


Best Books of 2018


Signed - Marni MannSigned

by Marni Mann

Marni Mann blew my mind with this novel. It was uber sexy, hot and addictive. A true one sitting kind of book, UNPUTDOWNABLE!!! Her writing was beyond killer, smart, well thought through and irresistible. A true WINNER!!!

The plot – OMG the plot was amazing. It sucked me in, didn’t let go, and made me do all kind of crazy things like reading at work. I was drowning in Brett and James. They OWENED me and I gladly succumbed.



TAGS:  Erotica  |  Forbidden  |  Hollywood   




Ryan's Bed - TijanRyan’s Bed

by Tijan

I thought Ryan’s Bed would be a typical Tijan novel, but it exceeded all my preconceived expectations. And by typical I mean that it would have everything I’ve come to love about her novels. Tijan excels at writing young adult novels that are filled with teenage angst and emotional ups and downs. She writes entertaining novels that always feature strong, and feisty heroines.



TAGS:  Mental Illness  |  Mature YA  |  Standalone





by K. Bromberg

Once again, K. Bromberg blows me away and leaves me speechless. Combust is one of my new TOP favorite novels. It’s so well planned and executed. The flow and feel of the novel is absolutely incredible! It’s truly one of my favorites of the year!




TAGS:  Brother’s Best Friend  |  Fake Relationship  |  Men In Uniform  |  Small Town




Kiss the Sky (Calloway Sisters #1)

by Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie

What a smart, engaging, wickedly fun read! Kiss the Sky impresses on every level! I couldn’t download the next book in the series fast enough! Seriously, Connor Cobalt just ruined me or all other book boyfriends! If every male lead in the series is half as entertaining and swoon-worthy as he is….I’m done for!! I won’t know what to do with my life if that happens. Call me obsessed, but he’s everything I ever wanted in a fictional man.



TAGS:  Billionaire |  New Adult  |  Series




Midnight Valentine by J.T. GeissingerMidnight Valentine

by J.T. Geissinger


Midnight Valentine by JT Geissenger is breathtakingly and hauntingly PERFECT! It’s my favorite book of the year thus far. This book was completely unexpected and stole my heart. Theo and Megan are the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read. The story is absolutely amazing—beautiful, smart, and dazzling. The intricacies of the plot and characters has completely blown me away.


TAGS:  PNR |  Emotional  |  Angst  




Perversion - T.M. FrazierPerversion

by TM Frazier


I started reading this book a few hours ago and cold not put it down! Holy cannoli! That was SO good!

In typical TM Frazier fashion, Perversion is gritty, entertaining, and shocking. I mean…that ending though! I did not see that coming. I’ll be in Book hangover hell until Book 2 hits my kindle.






Endless (Merciless #4)

This series is every single little thing!!! I was completely captivated from beginning to end! EXPLOSIVE!! Carter Cross is EVERYTHING! It’s Willow Winters at her finest! And it’s one of my  most favorite Mafia reads to date!




TAGS:  Gritty  | Alpha Male  |  Mafia/Mob  |  Dark & Intense


Best Books of 2018


Royally Yours - Emma ChaseRoyally Yours (Royally #4)

by Emma Chase

This series is beyond amazing! I simply can’t with how much I’ve enjoyed meeting these characters. It’s the gold standard for royal romance. The best on the market. Prince Edward is the MOST! I swooned so hard, I very nearly fainted.

This book has it all. It tugged at my heartstrings, screamed Girl Power, and of course made me weak in the knees. Swoonfest, remember? The Romance is so freaking well executed.


TAGS:  New Adult  |   Royals  |  Arranged Marriage




The Controversial Princess (The Smoke & Mirrors Duology #1)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Unexpected. Sensational. Sinfully Sexy!

Adeline, princess of England is a phenomenal character. When I think of princesses and fairytale type romances, I think of something sweet and fun. This isn’t your typical “princess” story!! Adeline lives to break rules and longs to live her life free of the burden she faces as a royal. I immediately fell for her. I loved her tenacity! However, Josh stole the show!


TAGS:  Royals  | Sexy  |  Forbidden Love  |  Alpha Male




The Upside of Falling - Meghan QuinnThe Upside of Falling (Blue Line #1)

by Meghan Quinn

A New Adult romance with all the Feels. The story is epic, heartbreaking, and hopeful, all rolled into a beautiful package.

I abso-freaking-lutely loved this duet! It’s flirty, emotional, and heartbreaking in places. It’s the perfect mix of everything I love about romance. Meghan Quinn has the uncanny ability to make me fall head over hills in love with her male leads.



TAGS:  Emotional  | Angsty  |  Military  |  Duet




With This Man - Jodi Ellen MalpasWith This Man (This Man #4)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

My dear sweet Lord, I’m on central Jesse Cloud Nine!
With This Man is bloody BRILLIANT! My favorite book of the year!!!




TAGS:  Alpha Male  |  Romantic  |  Sexy




Midnight Blue - L.J. ShenMidnight Blue

by LJ Shen

We all know L.J. Shen writes some of the best alphas and assholes out there. It’s even in her motto…bringing alphas to their knees. However, with Midnight Blue she surpasses ALL expectations. The writing is AMAZING, the characters are complex, and the action is entertaining. The drama and angst are definitely ramped up in this one. Gird your loins, folks! This world tour will leave you panting for more!

Whereas Vicious and Bane were OTT and skirted the edge of OMG – Célian did all of that with an elegance and aplomb that I could not help but fall in love with.

Célian had all the traits I love in a fictional hero


TAGS:  Jerks/Assholes  | Rock Star  |  Standalone  |  Enemies to Lovers  |  Available with KU




The Peer and the Puppet - B.B. ReidThe Peer and the Puppet (When Rivals Play #1)

by B.B. Reid

Teen drama. Angst central. A badass heroine. An even badder ass hero!

Bebe Reid excels at writing NA that makes me wish I could do high school all over again with her entire cast of characters! I freaking loved it!




TAGS:  Jerks/Assholes  |  Forbidden  |  New Adult  |  Enemies to Lovers  |  Available with KU



Fall - Kristen CallihanFall (VIP #3)

by Kristen Callihan


I don’t think I’ve swooned this hard since…..well ever!! Stella Button and John Jax own my fucking heart! This book was PERFECT for me. I did not want it to end.

The story is the perfect combination of serious, edgy, and funny. The writing is flawless! The storyline is perfection.



TAGS:  Rock Star  |   New Adult  |  Friends to Lovers



All of Me - A.L. JacksonAll of Me (Confessions of the Heart #2)


All of Me is everything I love about an A.L. Jackson romance. Gorgeous writing, an amazing plot, and a hero that makes me swoon so hard, I nearly passed out. He’s everything I love in an alphahole BBF – sexy as shit, strong and protective, and emotionally unavailable (lolol). I love him so very much!



TAGS:  Alpha Male  |   Forbidden  | Available with KU

Best Books of 2018


Mister Bodyguard - Lauren RoweMister Bodyguard (Morgan Brothers #4)

by Lauren Rowe

One of my TOP FAVORITES from Lauren Rowe!

Oh my gah! I loved this one so very much! It’s flat out one of my favorites from this author! The characters are perfect! The setup and execution are perfect. And this cover!!! WOWZA! In flipping love!



TAGS:  Diverse Cast  |   Forbidden  | Available with KU  |  Funny



Sinner - Sierra SimoneSinner (Priest #2)

I can’t even with how AMAZING Sierra Simone writes such beautiful stories. It’s a true gift and I’m so blown away…once again.

My husband said I was an “emotional wreck” while reading this book. I was grinning one chapter and crying like a loon the next. You know it’s good when you can’t contain your emotions.



TAGS:  Diverse Cast  |   Forbidden  | Friends to Lover 



Thief - A. ZavarelliThief (Boston Underworld #5)

by A. Zavarelli

I cried so many tears when I found out this series was ending. I’ve collected so many book boyfriends over the course of reading the first 4 books in the series. So, it’s bittersweet to see it come to end, however I’m really happy with the way things turn out.




TAGS:  Diverse Cast  |   Forbidden  | Friends to Lover 



Pucked Love (Pucked #6)

by Helena Hunting

L O V E D!! I never thought this day would come but….Lance has been topped. I didn’t see it coming, but I’m in so much love with Darren!! He’s my new number #1 Helena Hunting BBF!

Helena Hunting’s signature wit and comedic talent is on full display. The OTT moments we’ve come to expect from her books are all there and well placed.



TAGS:  New Adult  |   Sports Romance  | Swoony 



BLOCK SHOT - Kennedy RyanBlock Shot (Hoops #2)

Kennedy Ryan’s writing is BEYOND amazing!

This book is one of the most complete, entertaining, and engaging stories I’ve read this year!

Jared and Banner’s story will WOW readers! Although its the second in the Hoops series, it can easily be read as a standalone.


TAGS:  Enemies to Lovers  |  Sports Romance  |  Second Chance  |  Available with KU

Best Books of 2018


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  1. I love your list of the best of 2018 and so many great books and ironically I haven’t read any of these. Although I just got Royally Yours on Audio so I will be listening to that today. So now you have me really excited. I do want to try LJShen, I hear great things although I am not always in the mood for a jerk hero so I need to find the right time to read her. And yay for Pucked Love, I just read book one in the series and LOVED it and can’t wait to read more of her books this year.

    1. Thank you!!! It’s always hard to narrow it down, but I’m such a picky reader, I often don’t even get over ten 5-star reads a year 😆🙈 – Recovered was awesome, looking forward to reading it again, and Love and Other Words was just BEAUTIFUL 😍😍 hope you’ll enjoy them!!

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