Book Review – Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) by Penny Reid

‘Beard Science’ is the third book in the Winston Brothers series, is a full-length romantic comedy novel, and can be read as a standalone.

I don’t read every Penny Reid novel but I loved, just adored Beard Science.

Jennifer Sylvester, Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen wants to find man to love.  She has so much love and tenderness inside her, she just needs someone to give it to.  Her parents have other ideas and goals for her and the road to independence and self-discovery is a hard one.  But for that she has Cletus Winston.  He has one devious and vengeful mind.  Cletus always watches, listens and comes up with dubious ways to get what he wants.  Jennifer is a watcher of people as well.  Unfortunately for Cletus, Jennifer is watching him.  Blackmailing ensues.  And now Cletus has to help Jennifer to find her way out from her overbearing parents and to find a guy to love.  The self discovery is a kind of discovery for Cletus as well.  What nobody expected, especially not Jenn and Cletus, they turn out to be a true match.  Of course nothing is as easy as it seems.


My opinion:

Cletus, my love!

I loved your devious and vengeful mind. Smart guys are a definite turn on for me. Smart guys that are devious and creative in their vengefulness are even more of a turn on.

There are a handful of main characters that manage now and then to be unique and surprising.  Not only do they have distinctive and interesting backgrounds etc., but also their demeanor, like thought, speech and most important their quirks makes them different.  A character that fascinates beyond the cliche.  An individual that has unique little habits and mannerisms.  Cletus was all of that.

I enjoyed Jennifer’s road to independence and self-discovery.  And thought that Jenn and Cletus were a perfect match for each other.  Jenn really got Cletus, how his mind worked, and his thought process.  For me, a perfect match is someone that gets the other person in ways that are others don’t.  It makes for a TRUE match.  It was hilarious how she stumped and surprised him again and again.  And the best part was, she wasn’t devious at all, instead her people watching skills allowed her to almost read his mind.

I definitely had a blast reading their story. Great work P Reid!!!

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