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TJ & Co’s Favorites for August




Here’s a list of the books we read and loved in August, our top recommendations.





Royally Endowed was a TJ & Co review that showed how well tuned we are. Both of us utterly loved this book, especially Logan. Royally Endowed was one the best slow burn romances ever!  Logan St. James stole our heart. We swooned and fell head over heels in love with Logan and would call it a MUST READ of 2017.

Royally Endowed is the perfect mix of emotional, sweet, sexy, and laugh out loud funny. In a word – Perfect! My dear sweet Logan St. James gives Prince Henry a run for his money in the BBF Category!! This is one my new TOP faves! ~ Tijuana

Royally Endowed had all the hallmark signs of a Emma Chase novel, it was tender, funny and passionate. Two people falling in love with a delightful easiness that felt utterly RIGHT. Logan and Ellie clearly belonged to each other. I never had any doubt and my smile spoke volumes while reading this book. ~ Corina

TJ & Co review                                                                                                                                              Goodreads



Fallen Heir was another book by the fabulous writing duo of Erin Watt that checked all the boxes for me. This series has been from the very beginning entertaining with it’s never ending drama. Royals will always be Royals. So, be ready to be ruined.

Easton was adorable, naughty, cocky, and a typical Royal. My heart went BOOM and gooey over him. But OMG he also broke my heart. There were multiple times when all I wanted to do was to dive into the book and hug him, shake him, kiss him. ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads



OMG –  I loved this series so much!!! Think Dynasty and Dallas – soap opera at it’s finest written by an immensely talented author and you have a HIT series. I was addicted to this series from the very first book, and waiting for each consecutive sequel was really testing my patience. I did NOT want this series to end.

I know I’m gushing but this book deserves every single OMG, AMAZING, and AWESOME!! Because it was all of that and so much more. The author is rightly so the creator of a hugely popular series. She knows how to spin a riveting and thrilling tale. I just think this series is her best to date!!! And I promise, you won’t regret reading it.   ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads



This book was fucking AMAZING!!!!! I came to adore M/M books written by male authors. I truly believe they are BETTER in every sense. More authentic. The real thing. It was romantic, heart-warming, and so sexy. It was the perfect book. If you love M/M you must try it!!!

There is this elusive unicorn in the book world, a book that is perfectly balanced, emotionally grabbing, funny and flirty, with genuine and likable characters, AND it makes me want to read it again, and again, and again.  ~ Corina

Corina’s review                                                                                                                                             Goodreads




The perfect mix of gritty and romantic comedy.  Nate took me by surprise and I’ve never been more pleased.  Celia Aaron shines in this witty and taboo read that will blow you away.

Truly impressive, from cover to cover I was in love! The writing is top notch. All of the characters are great. The storyline is impeccable. But the showstopper is Nate. I’m impressed by the fact that he’s dangerous and scary, but also sensitive and somewhat self-conscious. Back away ladies; I’ve claimed him. Nate is M-I-N-E!  ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads




I new Austin was going to ruin me.  But damn if I didn’t enjoy minute of it!

Now this….is my jam! I am beyond impressed by this release! It’s an emotional, gut-wrenching, and heart-pounding read. Seriously, all the feels were felt people. I’m an emotional read junkie and this one checked all my boxes. It’s definitely the best of the series. ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads




This series is Young Adult Dystopian gold.  America Singer and Prince Maxon stole my heart in Book 1 of the ground-breaking series.

If Cinder, Divergent, and The Bachelor had a beautiful book baby, this would be it! I was captivated from the very start. The lovely cover reeled me in, but the captivating story kept me engaged. ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads




Louise Bay just cemented herself as an auto 1-click author.  Matt Easton oozed sex appeal and is a great guy, but Lana stole the show.  Superb main characters make this a fantastic read for any romance lover.

Matt is #Bae! Man oh man, I enjoyed this book. It’s sexy, sweet, and romantic. The chemistry between Matt and Lana is explosive! ~ Tijuana

Tijuana’s review                                                                                                                                           Goodreads




Another successful TJ & Co review. Love to Hate You was a fabulous example of Tijan’s skills of writing addicting college romances. Her stories feel AUTHENTIC, REAL, HONEST. This book was everything I wanted and left my utterly satisfied.

Hate To Love You tackles some pretty tough issues, yet remains sexy and entertaining! It’s sheer New Adult brilliance! The storyline is phenomenal and expertly written. This is my new favorite from Tijan. ~ Tijuana

I started this book when I knew very well that I couldn’t finish it in one sitting and regretted it immediately. I LOVED this book!!! I was pulled in from the very first page, and had trouble putting it down. ~ Corina

Tj & Co review                                                                                                                                               Goodreads

Of course both of us read so many more books this month. These are only our favorites and highlights. You can find all of our reviews here

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5 thoughts on “August Favorites & Recommendations

  1. This might sound like a strange lead-in to a comment, but honestly your blog design is so beautiful <3

    I started reading Illegal Contact and it really is like finding a unicorn among so many books. Why are fictional characters so precious? :((
    I'm actually really happy to see that The Selection was enjoyable because I've owned so many of the books but I never started them. I think this is a good excuse to make time to try the first one, because at the very least the covers would make for great photos.

    I have no shame haha, but bookstagram is just too pretty (:

    1. Kim, thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!!!! And yes, I have a hard time finding book unicorns but that’s mostly because I’m so damn picky about my books. It has to be nearly perfect in every sense, otherwise it won’t get the 5 stars.i personally have not read The Selection, TJ has and she swears to its entertainment value, so owning them is a good reason to start reading.;-) and yes OMG those covers where genially composed. Nowadays it’s all about bookstagram right? Covers can make and break a book, at least for a bookstagrammer – it’s all about the cover. I’ll find you on IG and check you out.;-)

      1. Yes! Normally I don’t collect a lonof manga that isn’t released originally in a Japan, but I think Fence definitely has to be an exception. I’m so excited, especially because I love sports manga and a m/m fencing one sounds like a lot of fun. Plus after Captive Prince, I want more books by C. S. Pacat like pretty please¿ :))

        1. Exactly!! I wished she would write a regular book since it’s been an eternity since her book 3, at least it feels like one. But I’m defiantly curious about FENCE. And yes, M/M and a sports manga sounds like a great combination.

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