Acrobat by Mary Calmes

There was a lot I enjoyed about Acrobat. It was far from perfect, but it worked for me on many levels. Most of all it was well written, witty, funny centered around a wonderfully personal, and genuine likable guy.


by Mary Calmes

Paperback, 250 pages
Published May 7th 2012


Acrobat – Mary Calmes

Acrobat – Mary Calmes



There was a lot I enjoyed about Acrobat.

Although it was far from perfect, it worked for me on many levels.

Most of all it was well written, witty, funny and centered around a wonderfully personal, and genuine likable guy. The rest of the cast was equally charming. Moreover the three endearing and lovable main characters, that made up their own little family – which I adored, had me wrapped around their little fingers in no time.

Nathan Qells was almost too good to be true.

He had an amazing and carefree attitude, cherished wonderful friendships and was adored and loved by his students. I myself was enamored with him. I liked his personality and would have loved to call him my friend, actually I would have been honored if he would have been my friend. He was an amazing human being, well rounded, smart, witty and just someone that was fun to be around.

His relationship with 16 year old Michael was heartwarming. And a relationship that added layers and complexity to the story. Now Nathan and Andreo were a different story all together. Even though they lived years in the same building, their life never really fused until one fateful day. According to the author, Andreo had plans regarding Nathan, future, long-term, relationship plans, that nobody was not aware of. That’s where it got a little unbelievable and far-fetched, but I’m not really complaining, I loved them together, so it worked for me.

And I must admit they were SEXY together – WOWZER!!!! I don’t know why m/m scenes are as hot as they are, but this author delivered in this aspect tenfold.

At the end, some of the scenes between Nathan and his students, were unnecessary and felt more like fillers. Students were introduced but were never really an important part of the storyline. They helped cement Nathan’s reputation as a beloved professor, but it also felt repetitive and redundant after awhile.

But, aside all that, this book got me out of my reading slump, so kudos to the author. She achieved something that ten other authors couldn’t – I DNFed books left and right before I landed on Acrobat. And I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for her next standalone novel.

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Acrobat – Mary Calmes


Forty-five-year-old English professor Nathan Qells is very good at making people feel important. What he’s not very good at is sticking around afterward. He’s a nice guy; he just doesn’t feel things the way other people do. So even after all the time he’s spent taking care of Michael, the kid across the hall, he doesn’t realize that Michael’s mob muscle uncle and guardian, Andreo Fiore, has slowly been falling in love with him.

Dreo has bigger problems than getting Nate to see him as a potential partner. He’s raising his nephew, trying to leave his unsavory job, and starting his own business, a process made infinitely more difficult when a series of hits takes out some key underworld players. Still, Dreo is determined to build a life he can be proud of—a life with Nate as a cornerstone. A life that is starting to look like exactly what Nate has been looking for. Unfortunately for Dreo—and for Nate—the last hits were just part of a major reorganization, and Dreo’s obvious love for Nate has made him a target too.



Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there. She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five-pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor’s dogs. To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium (as well as the adventures of the ninja) follow her on Twitter @MaryCalmes, connect with her on Facebook, and subscribe to her Mary’s Mob newsletter.




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Acrobat – Mary Calmes

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