Book Review – Texas Rose Always by Katie Graykowski

What a fantastic start into this book.  Burning Man:-)

Texas Rose Always is my first book by Katie Graykowski.  Justus Jacobi also known as Daisy and Houston “Rowdy” Rose meet at Burning Man.  One week each year they would meet and be together as a couple.  They don’t know their real names, where they live, nor anything about their regular life.  It’s just Daisy and Houston, a free spirit and a painter/vintner.  All is well until Daisy gets pregnant.  Houston not wanting any kids, or commitment, is very adamant about not merging their Burning Man life with their real one.  Because of that, years go by until by chance they meet again and his parentage comes to light.  Rowdy has trouble thinking of himself as a father.  Still, after so many years, having kids is not something he is comfortable thinking about.  He wants Justus but not necessarily the kid.  That doesn’t go down well.  But eventually, even though at times awkward he gets it right.  On their way to a Happily Ever After Justus and Rowdy have to steer around a few minor hiccups but in the end they emerge stronger and more assured in each other.



Let’s start with the fact that Burning Man is on MY bucket list.  So reading about it in a romance book was fascinating.  I’ve never not once heard the name used in a romance novel.  Kudos!!!

So yes, I truly love the idea of meeting someone at Burning Man and having a relationship that lasts one week for years to come.  It was very interesting in regards to Rowdy’s almost second persona.  He clearly was a very different person at Burning Man.  By keeping his artistic side completely hidden from his family, because of some misunderstanding in his childhood, he was able to be truly himself.  The thought of keeping a relationship to one week out of 52, certainly opens up questions if a guy actually would want to stay celibate for the rest of the year.  I was also wondering if painting water colors in the desert is plausible with all the sand flying around.  And I’m not sure if there is really a lost and found at Burning Man, not only that, but that a diamond necklace still would be waiting for its owner a year later?  Lovely thought for sure.  And the last question I had, giving birth must leave some signs.  I clearly have not given birth, but have heard and read multiple accounts that the body changes.  So it was a little perplexing that Rowdy did not notice any changes three month after giving birth.  It definitely made me think.

But otherwise, the book was very well written.  The prose flowed beautifully.  The storyline was thought through, along with interesting dialogues and wonderful characters it was quite catching.  Actually the entire Rose family made a wonderful supporting cast.  Some of the paragraphs were superfluous and didn’t really help the story along or really enhance it.  So I did catch myself skimming along a few times.  But all in all, it was very well done!!

*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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