Book Review – Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2) by Emma Chase

Emma Chase is the Queen of funny and witty writing and Sustained demonstrated just that.

Jake Becker, is a very successful attorney in D.C., he likes his routine and things a certain way – his way.  Neat and easy are also some of the words he lives by.  He would have made a great military man, except he doesn’t like to follow orders.  He likes one night stands  and casual hookups.  He thinks he doesn’t have time for anything “else”.

Chelsea McQuaid, twenty-six year old aunt of 6 orphaned nephews and nieces.  They make up this amazing but crazy household that Jake stumbles into, when Rory, one of the kids steals his wallet.  Chelsea, is hanging in there.  Doing her very best.  Missing her deceased brother and trying to keep the kids from sliding into an emotional abyss.  She definitely has her hands full.  Trouble is brewing left and right.  And she really appreciates Jakes help.

Of course, sooner or later the attraction between those two comes to a boiling point.  Also the past comes knocking and Jake and Chelsea have to decide if they are going to make it work together or not.


My opinion:

I loved it the first time.  Reading it a second time only made it better.

For me the interaction between Jake and the kids was hilarious and incredibly emotional at times.  Clearly he was overwhelmed at first, but he stepped up and did surprisingly well as a father figure.

Sustained was one of those feel-good books, that left me wanting more but also warm and giddy.

First time reading 4 stars

Second time reading 5 stars

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