Book Review – Royally Screwed (Royally #1) by Emma Chase

What a royal swoonfest!!!

Emma Chase’s new series is about a swoony prince and a pie baking New Yorker.

The reader is introduced to Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka His Royal Hotness as someone that is tired of the responsibilities that come with being a crown prince but he will step up when his grandmother the Queen asks him to secure the throne by marrying a blue blood.  Of course it goes all sideways when he falls in love with a commoner.

Waitress and pie baker Olivia Hammond didn’t expect to lay her eyes on a prince on a snowy night in NY.  Olivia and Nicholas clash royally when he offers her $10000 to sleep with him.  The next day he mans up and apologizes and asks her out on a date.  Olivia has no idea who he is, which makes her so much more enticing to Nicholas.  They decide to have a summer affair.  A fling that would last the summer and afterwards they would go their separate ways.  As expected duty calls much sooner than both thought and instead of saying goodbye Nicholas whisks Olivia off to his castle.  Grandmama is not amused.  But Olivia is handling the royals better than expected.  And at the end it’s all about giving something up to have something else.


My opinion:

Royally Screwed was pretty much what I hoped for.  Light and easy.  Funny and swoony.  Nicholas and Olivia had wonderful chemistry and interacted beautifully.  I loved that both of them were open to a summer affair.  It was never supposed to be more.  She knew he had to marry someone who would be acceptable as a princess, someone his Grandmother would approve of.  Nevertheless they continued to enjoy each others company, in and out of bed.  I was surprised how hard Nicholas fell for Olivia.  The guys are often more reluctant to come out and show their feelings.  All in all, Royally Screwed was a solid read. The writing was fast paced, with tons of witty dialogues, and lots of interesting characters.

4 stars

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