My most highly anticipated books for December 2016

Every month I scour my monthly New Release email from Goodreads.  It’s almost like, even though the anticipation kills me, knowing what I can look forward to brightens my day.

So I thought I’ll share some of my favorite new releases for the month December.  Sharing the anticipation is caring, right?

December 1st – (correction, Twist is not out until April 2017!!!!! I have no idea why it popped up on my December list.)

Twist (Dive Bar #2) by Kylie Scott. Even though I didn’t like Dirt as much as her Stage Dive books, I’m very much looking forward to Dive Bar.


December 5th –

Womanizer (Manwhore #4) by Katy Evans. I’m so looking forward to this book.  Katy Evans has been a continuously great reading experience.  So, this will be a blast.


December 6th –

Someone like You (Oxford #3by Lauren Layne. Lauren Layne books have always been wonderful, easy and sweet.  Perfect for a cold and grey December day.

Island of Glass (The Guardians Trilogy #3) by Nora Roberts.  Island of Glass is the last in her latest trilogy.  I really enjoyed it so far, the group of six is a great mix, a werwolf, mermaid, magician, seer, time traveler, and immortal searching for the stars of fortune.  Her paperbacks are a hit and miss for me.  So are her hardcovers if I’m honest, but she’ll always be on my reading list.

December 13th –
Max (Cold Fury Hockey #6) by Sawyer Bennett I believe the Cold Fury Hockey books have been the first I ever read by Sawyer Bennett.  I can’t wait for Max.
December 20th –
OMG, this year I’m going to read the series from the very beginning.  Binge reading nirvana.  I won’t get out of the house for three days…..

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