December Book Challenge – Day 8

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Day 8: New Fav Female Characters

I think my favorite kind of heroine has always been one that can kick ass. And clearly, I’ve read quite a few series that had though, no-nonsense women as main characters. I’ve always loved when they were smart, snarky, witty, and not afraid to hold their own against opposition. Especially if it’s a mythical beast. Or gods, archangels, and other inhuman beings that could rip peoples heads off.:-)

Kate Daniels, Elena Deveraux, and Mercy Thompson know can handle the biggest badasses out there. The reason why I’ve come back to these series has been because of these women. These woman are the epitome of strength and resilience. And the all have Alpha males on their side – BONUS!!!!!

Police chief Kate Burkholder, and New York police lieutenant Eve Dallas go against a different kind of evil, the human kind.

Kate Burkholder is amish by birth but is now fighting crime in an amish community as the police chief. The amish community is very secretive, so it’s very shocking when the most vile cases are being unearthed in very violent ways. In the latest book Kate is going undercover and it still chills me just to think about it. I was sitting on the edge of my chair throughout most of the book. Linda Castillo, writes fantastic thrillers about a community that is utterly captivating and so far removed from my every day life as possible. The amish community is and always will be fascinating to me. Even more so, because of Linda Castillo.

J. D. Robb has managed to write 43 novels in a series that is as captivating and thrilling as ever before. She created an amazing supportive cast, that has turned into the best kind of fictional family her fanbase could ask for. Reading a new IN DEATH book, which happens to my utter joy twice a year, is like visiting a beloved family. Each book allows me to catch up with their lives, relationships, work, friendships. This series has turned me into a live-long loyal reader of J. D. Robb. And it has been continuously a highlight of every year.

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