Book Review – Over the Edge (Bridge #3) by Meredith Wild

4 stars

Wow, holy macaroni!!  What a sexually charged ménage à trois.

Will Donovan had a weakness for rich girls.  He liked that under every rich girl was usually a dirty girl waiting for just the right guy.  He was unapologetic about his needs, and dominant enough to call the shots.

Olive still felt after a year of moving to the city as if she was treading water, not sure where she was going next. Meeting Will made her question her world view.  And the way he expressed his needs for her made her feel desirable on a primal level that no other man has ever managed before.  Also his filthy mouth and blunt nature spoke to Olive’s submissive nature.

Between Will and Olive there was this instant want.  He was very confident, assertive, and dominant.  And very straight forward in the way he told Olive what he wanted.  He pretty much steamrolled her.  Didn’t give her much choice or time to think about it.  And she willingly went into his arms.

Ian, on the other hand, had been furiously attracted to Olivia ever since he met her a few times at her brother’s gym.  When he found out that his roommate and friend Will had already stake his claim, he is being torn between loyalty to Will and his own desires regarding Olivia.

But both men struggled with the notion of committing to ONE woman.  Neither man was willing to have a relationship, or to feel so deeply for just one woman.  Usually they spent time with women to have fun and to forget.  But never for more.  Ian and Will liked it simple and straightforward, and had no time for anything else.  The thought of being captivated so thoroughly by one woman was something that neither expected.  Olivia caught both completely off guard.

Being attracted to two man is quite a shock to Olivia.  And breaking away from expectations was an irresistible notion for her.  Will spoke to her submissive side, and Ian to her artistic soul.  Both men wanted only one thing, to make Olivia happy.

I don’t usually like menage storylines.  One is usually left behind or it’s just not believable.  Over the Edge did a fantastic job of balancing their relationship in such a way that feelings aren’t ignored or left out.  Both Ian and Will, spoke to Olivia’s soul in a different way.  Ian’s tenderness and fierce desire overwhelmed her senses.  Will’s intense dominance stripped her raw.

I also adored how Olivia finally stood up to her parents and didn’t bow to their pressure to stop seeing Will.  Being dependent on their good graces took a toll on her.

I personally don’t think sharing one woman would be that easy.  It already takes a toll on me just reading about it.  Nevertheless I really enjoyed reading Over the Edge.


*This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


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