Book Review – Mr. President (White House #1) by Katy Evans

4.5 A M A Z I N G stars

Beautiful, sexy, intense, and heart-warming.


I had butterflies in my tummy the entire time while reading Mr. President.

After the election in November anything about politics was punished from my mind. This years election was  disheartening and depressing. The ugliness and hate all around was shocking. Politics in its core has always fascinated me. But at the moment, the topic election could be compared to a powder keg.

Mr. President was explosive in it’s own way.

Charlotte Wells met Matthew Hamilton at a dinner for his father the President of the United States. She was an impressionable eleven year old that was immediately infatuated by the more mature presence of Matt. The same night she wrote him a letter, that promised him that if he ever would run for President she would support him and if needed work on his campaign.

It was eleven years ago, and I somehow remember everything about it. It’s still the most exciting day I can recall even though I don’t like the effect that meeting President Hamilton’s son had on my teenage years.

Eleven years later, on her birthday, Matthew Hamilton announced his candidacy. At the kick-off fundraiser on the same day, they met again, and Matthew still remembered her promise.

The next day she received her campaign invitation.

From the very first time when she stepped into the campaign office, there was a charge in the air. A palpable tension between her and Matt. The looks they exchanged were infused with heat and hunger. Slight touches electrified their skin. They were drawn to each other like magnets. Resistance was unbearable.

The simmering sexual tension was all consuming. Matt and Charlotte were so wrapped up in each other. Heart, soul, and body. They couldn’t see anyone else except each other. When either stepped into a room they sensed the other person immediately.

It got to a point where nothing mattered anymore. Just Matt and Charlotte.

It was reckless—and it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but feeding this wild thirst. Getting rid of that fucking feeling of having my hands tied. Quenching the hunger to touch her, fully knowing that she wanted it, craved it like me.

For Matt, Charlotte was the only woman he felt safe to be himself with. No mistrust, no agenda. It was quite addicting for Matt. Something he hasn’t had before.

There were moments when Matt’s raw and unrestrained emotions almost jumped of the book. His need for Charlotte was palpable. He wanted both, the presidency AND Charlotte. And he became quite adamant about it.

“Fuck, Charlotte—just let me have you! Let me have this!” His eyes pin me to my seat, his raw, unrestrained frustration burning bright. “I may be the next President of the United States! I’ll be damned if I don’t have what I want,” he growls, “and I want you. I not only want you, I need you. No matter what I’m doing, I’m thinking of you. No matter who I’m with, I would rather they be you …”

They yearned for each other, and the author was able to convey that in the most intense ways.

Reading this book made me giddy and my heart was racing along with the characters’. Katy Evans had the skill to transform words into vibrant images. Her characters came to life and I fell in love with them.

Their intense emotional connection was thrilling and electrifying. I rooted for them until the end. And I truly hope they can make it work in Commander in Chief.

This book was inspiring in such a way that I wish the election in November would have ended this way. Why didn’t we have someone like Matthew Hamilton as candidate? I thought the politics was on point, well researched and potent in a way that only an election can bring to the table. Mr. President was heart-warming, induced an excitement which I haven’t felt since THE WOMANIZER, and was all consuming. I couldn’t’ put it down, and even canceled a lunch date with a friend, just so I wouldn’t be interrupted. After reading so many fantastic reviews since it’s release date, I told myself I would wait until January, since the second book wouldn’t be released for a few more month. I’ve always hated waiting for sequels. Nevertheless, circumstances took this decision out of my hands. I’m super glad I read it. It was one FANTASTIC book.




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5 thoughts on “Book Review – Mr. President (White House #1) by Katy Evans

    1. Me too;-) sometimes the highly popular books don’t work for me. But I truly loved Womanizer so I hoped I would love Mr President as well;-)

  1. Corina,
    Katy Evans is one of my faves too. I want to try this one as soon as I’m finished. Great blog btw. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much;) I truly appreciate you visiting my blog!!! I loved Womanizer and had to read Mr President, there was no way I could not read it.;-)

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