Book Review – Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

4 stars


This was such a hot ride!

Elijah Hays, horse whisperer and ranch hand on Abigail’s farm, was a quite, brooding and a tall hunk of a man. His demeanor was very intriguing and captivating. He kept mostly to himself but was a consistent presence in Abigail’s life. Someone she relied on, especially during hard times.

With his help, she had a chance to keep her father’s ranch safe from the bank. Elijah with his gentle and kind personality, was very good at breaking in horses. But nevertheless people were afraid of him. Afraid of his tragic past, and of his presence.

Abigail worked so closely with him that she got to know a different side of Elijah. His quiet demeanor hid a sexual creature that just waited to be awoken. Elijah, a dormant dominant, found in Abigail a person to relate and open up to.

Abigail felt his attraction, his eyes on her, his interest in her. She started craving his touch and presence.

The sexual tension was fabulously intense and smoldering. I loved how Elijah slowly turned into the man that got buried by his tormented soul. The chemistry between Abigail and him was off the charts hot.

Abigail and Elijah both needed each other. Free to be who they wanted and needed to be. In each others company, they finally were allowed to explore all their needs. Explore, nurture, and enjoy each other.


The small town they lived in didn’t make it easy on their relationship. The townspeople had a hard time to see Elijah as the gentle and loving person. They only saw his size and measured him by the tragedy in his past. Gradually, with love and understanding Abigail was able to coax him out of his shell. And, gave the town a chance to get to know Elijah with an open mind.

Breaking Him was a wonderful short novella. Quick paced, detailed background, and a wonderful couple. Perfect read for a rainy afternoon, curled up on a couch.

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