Book Review – Bad Judgment by Meghan March


Really, really awesome!!!

RYKER!!!  – I love you!!

Another awesome audiobook. Wonderful narrators that kept me listening all the time. I was pretty much walking around the house, glued to the phone. In bed, in the bathroom, at the dining table, walking to the car, at work (naughty) – I couldn’t put it down.

Mostly because of Ryker. I really liked that guy. He was arrogant, demanding, confident, and an alpha in the making. He made me SWOON!!

Things between us have already gone past any level that I expected, and my thoughts would probably freak her the fuck out. What would she say if she knew I was falling in love with her? Would she run the other way?

Justine Porter and Ryker Grant were law students at the same university. They had known each other from the very first semester. Ryker saw her and was immediately drawn to her.

Even so Ryker never had a serious relationship, or even wanted one, he knew Justine was different. From the first moment he met her he had only eyes for her.

Of course he wasn’t used to not getting his way and getting the cold shoulder from her just turned him on even more. But Justine kept her head down and studied on.

But that didn’t change Ryker’s determination at all. She got under his skin and he would make her HIS.

At the end it took him TWO years to get her to acknowledge him.

The first two years of college were hardcore and both were extremely busy with their studies. The simmering heat in those two years made every situation and encounter between them so much more explosive. It was almost a relieve when Justine finally gave in.

When Justine lost her scholarship to a budget cut her financial situation was looking bleak and she was getting pretty desperate. She even might have done something not so smart if Ryker’s dad, a justice and Justine’s boss during an externship, offered her money in exchange for tutoring his son. Her job was to get Ryker back to studying so that his grades would improve.

Of course she accepted the offer but kept it a secret from Ryker. Their close interactions while studying together turned into friendship and much more. They fell in love with each other.

That’s not how this works. We come. We study. We leave.”
“If we’re doing this my way, you’d definitely be coming.”

For Ryker his dreams finally came true. The last two years were spent watching her every move (not in a creepy way). He adored her intelligent, tenacity, and studious ways. And he paid attention to little details, like her little PEZ addiction.

Both were smart and hard working students. Justine already knew what she wanted to do after college – legal aid. Ryker on the other hand was floating and pretty inconclusive about his future. He got so fed up with his parents ideas of what he should do that he started to flounder a bit. He showed a lackluster interest in his studies and wasn’t really invested in finishing his law degree anymore.

So, them studying together killed two birds with one stone. Except there was this secret, that could bring it all down.


Would their newly found love survive a possible explosion?


What a well-developed story Bad Judgment was.

I loved Ryker and Justine’s interactions – they were so RAW and honest. And I adored how Ryker was so possessive about her. He didn’t overdo it, it was just hot enough to be believable.

Bad Judgment had everything I had hoped for. Quick paced storyline, awesome characters, especially Ryker ♥, lots of tension and at the end an emotional rollercoaster ride.

I also enjoyed the authors writing style. She kept me glued to my phone. I was loving it!!! And now I can’t wait to read Real Good Man (Real Duet, #1)  and Real Good Love (Real Duet, #2) .

    4 stars

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