December Book Challenge – Day 7


It’s time for the December Challenge…..

This challenge was created by @AnnReads for Bookstagram


Day 7: The Best Sequel You Read


2016 has been a good year in regards of books. Some sequels were better than their predecessor.

Beard Science by Penny Reid and LEGEND by Katy Evans were both fantastic. I really enjoyed reading them, and I’m very glad I didn’t give up on either series. In both cases, I was on the fence about each book but was so happy to to have been wrong.

RIGHT by Jana Aston (review here) was an instant HIT with me. I pretty much liked everything about the book.

Managed (review to come) was wonderful sweet, and much, much better than book #1. I was very happy with it. 🙂

I loved WHITE-HOT-HACK by Tracey Garvis Graves. It was a fantastic sequel. The hacker aspect was utterly captivating and realistic. A friend of mine works for a company that specializes in hacking.  And the IT guys must have talked about exactly the same thing, how to infiltrate companies without their knowledge. It’s retty hilarious.

The Angels’ Share by J.R. Ward was F A N T A S T I C!!! I can’t say it enough. That series sucked me in from the very beginning. Such a soap opera.:-)


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5 thoughts on “December Book Challenge – Day 7

      1. Proud and envious. I would so want to have a job like that, but am not a good liar. I’d probably get super nervous and spill the beans on my first “mission”. The only thing that bummed me was the ending. I would have wanted them to keep working together on dangerous assignments like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde duo, not retire on a tropical island sipping margaritas 🙁

        1. Me too!!! I believe that it’s not that dangerous in reality. I wanted them to go on as well. They already worked great together and she really showed talent. But, the angst trumped everything else.;-)

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